I’m pushing my boundaries this week; spreading my wings. Tomorrow I’m leading a meditation session; Thursday I’m running a workshop on habits to get ideas for my eBook and Friday I’m going to a gig. The latter doesn’t sound very adventurous, but due to the crowds, the noise, the lights; it’s an experience which pushes […]

As a stereotypical Pagan, i’m all very tree-hugging, want peace and happiness and materialism sucks. And today I found a wonderful post on happiness, which I’ve talked about on my other blog, Simple Wings. So with a little shameless plug for my search for simplicity, I present the Secret to Happiness. Anyone who thinks I’m day […]

2009 Flashbacks – I Have: Read 25 books since July Taken part in a revolution [RATM4Xmas] Written a 50,000 word novel! Got a “First” [university class] in a couple of my exams Started a second blog Made progress toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle Given a talk on Paganism Taken part in Nine Pagan Rituals Taken up […]

As I missed posting my Saturday Seven, here’s a belated list: I’m grateful for supportive community. I was blessed to be invited to spend Boxing Day with my husband’s family. I feel so lucky to have relatives who are passionate in making sure I put money last and my happiness first. I’m glad my mother […]

This post’s a bit whiny and personal, and for that I apologise. “In the melting winter’s snow, the fire burns soft and low. A mother rocks within her chair, while children sleep under her care.” ~ © Rose, December 2009. For me, the holiday and family season is over. I left friends in Brighton, came […]

As I spent the weekend preparing for and hosting a Yule Buffet before spending a night and day with my husband, I missed this weekend’s Saturday Seven. So here I am to make up for it: RATM won Christmas number one. This is nothing against Joe, this is such a light of hope; that we […]

Hello one and all to my new home. I’m just moving all my old stuff over to this domain, planning to make  the full switch to Pagan Wings ready for the start of 2010. Thanks for all your support and I look forward to hearing your views on the new site. If you have any suggestions; […]