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Well, the workshop was interesting. I learnt a couple of things, though perhaps not as much as I wished. It didn’t really go as well as I’d hoped but that’s life: You win some, you lose some.  I did it, and that’s what really mattered. Life’s being hectic at the moment: Applying for jobs, work experience, […]

Five by Nine

Inspired by Dianne Sylvan, I’ve compiled a list of fives. I call it the 9×5 because I’m a little bit nerdy. 5 Items in my Bag 1 – phone 2 – MP3 player 3 – How to Practise by the Dalai Lama 4 – bottle of water 5 – purse Titles of 5 Files in […]

Simplicity: Decluttering

Simplicity is all about the essentials, about removing excess. On the physical plane, this is most commonly seen as de-cluttering. These are just the steps I use. There are many lists and ideas out there and I’ve compiled a couple of articles at the end of this post with further information. Step One: Rubbish Remove all […]

Simplicity: Possessions

In the end, I brought home one box (l:30xw:15xh:25cm), a suitcase, a carrier bag of shoes/fluffy toys my candle + incense burner, and an A4 zip folder full of this years lecture notes. My books are in my suitcase. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a quick sweep of my room today and remove […]

Simplicity: Finances

I love having a budget. When I say I have a budget, I mean I write down everything I spend. In the 12 weeks I’ve been here; having to spend over £120 on bus tickets, buy Christmas/Yule presents and materials for my cloak, get my ears pierced, nights out, visits to the beach, attend rituals […]


Saturday Seven: * I am so grateful that even without an income, I’m doing okay on living on the money I’ve saved from 19 birthdays and Christmases. * I value my lecturers, who make an effort to connect with us and make the most boring statistics (Mixed Analysis of Variance [ANOVA]) interesting by dressing up […]


So, it’s the final day; the end of my first autumn term of Second-Year University Courses. I thought now was a good time to update on my University experience. Challenges Undertaken: 5-a-day-for-14-days And for a week after I did this without thinking twice about it! 5/5 Daily Meditation Find weekly meditation easier to feel effects […]