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Missing My Posts? I’ve Moved!!

I notice I’m still getting traffic here – but I’ve moved!! You can find me over at Wings of Flight. Wings of Flight is my spiritual hub; my path to Druidry and beyond. Come on over and leave a comment to say you’ve made the switch; don’t forget to update your blogroll links! In Light, Rose. […]


I’m pushing my boundaries this week; spreading my wings. Tomorrow I’m leading a meditation session; Thursday I’m running a workshop on habits to get ideas for my eBook and Friday I’m going to a gig. The latter doesn’t sound very adventurous, but due to the crowds, the noise, the lights; it’s an experience which pushes […]


2009 Flashbacks – I Have: Read 25 books since July Taken part in a revolution [RATM4Xmas] Written a 50,000 word novel! Got a “First” [university class] in a couple of my exams Started a second blog Made progress toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle Given a talk on Paganism Taken part in Nine Pagan Rituals Taken up […]


Hello one and all to my new home. I’m just moving all my old stuff over to this domain, planning to make  the full switch to Pagan Wings ready for the start of 2010. Thanks for all your support and I look forward to hearing your views on the new site. If you have any suggestions; […]

Words: Focus pt.ii

Focus Since I pulled focus out of that hat last week, I’ve been seeing little lights in my tunnel of future plans. I’ve looked into possible career and further education choices again and looked at different methods of learning, teaching, and earning. I know my fear of it is “Oh no, that means I have […]

Words: Quiet Focus

FOCUS. Origin: 1635–45; : fireplace, hearth Synonyms: 1. center, heart, core, nucleus, spotlight, centre of attention. ~ Well I guess that’s interesting. In one of the posts on Christine Kane’s website, the phrase “I knew it was my word by how strongly I wanted to put it back and draw out one of the […]


Yesterday was our final Creative Meditation and Buddhism meeting of 2009. Slightly sad, but at least we’ve only 4 weeks without it as term starts on 11th January. So today we discussed revelations. We talked a bit about mind chatter and the five things that hold us back: Sloth (torpor), Craving (desire), Anger (ill-will), Restlessness […]