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Missing My Posts? I’ve Moved!!

I notice I’m still getting traffic here – but I’ve moved!! You can find me over at Wings of Flight. Wings of Flight is my spiritual hub; my path to Druidry and beyond. Come on over and leave a comment to say you’ve made the switch; don’t forget to update your blogroll links! In Light, Rose. […]


As Dianne Sylvan put it via Twitter: “Happy whichever day to whoever celebrates whatever it is.” Tonight I’ll be doing a small ceremony to welcome the coming of light; of spring. I came home from lecture and tidied/swept my bedroom and today also marks the start of my second 5-a-day-for-14-days challenge. Tonight’s Meal: Chicken soup […]


2009 Flashbacks – I Have: Read 25 books since July Taken part in a revolution [RATM4Xmas] Written a 50,000 word novel! Got a “First” [university class] in a couple of my exams Started a second blog Made progress toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle Given a talk on Paganism Taken part in Nine Pagan Rituals Taken up […]

Lacking Internet

I’m sad to report that there’s still no internet access at my student house; and without lectures to attend, it’s not worth wlaking here just to read my der friend’s blogs (nothign personal). Today we’ve attended a conference/trianing course/workshop.. day thing =P which was quite interesting. Lots of wonderful opportunities. Attended an Open Wiccan Ritual […]


Blessed Lughnasadh everybody and Happy Harvest for the non-Pagans. Don’t worry, I’ll make an effort to keep the jargon to a minimum.  In lay-person’s terms, this is the festival of thanks-giving and harvesting. We reap the rewards of seeds we’ve sown – whether it be corn or patience, perseverance or gratitude. The length of a […]

Lacuna: Fragments & Flaws

While reading a new title to my list (I was given two books today), the trees fell away to views of fields and hills, and a sky of orange, yellow and pale blue- the colours melding as though I wash with water; and some of my tension fled. I was reminded of Ali’s comment on […]

Alban Hefin

Today I went to the Anderida Gorsedd Open Druid Ritual. I’ve never been on my own, and only been once before. I dislike public transport and had to change trains and switch to bus, before meeting people I didn’t know/only barely recognised. I had the most fantastic time. I’m feeling courageous. I saw quite a […]