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Missing My Posts? I’ve Moved!!

I notice I’m still getting traffic here – but I’ve moved!! You can find me over at Wings of Flight. Wings of Flight is my spiritual hub; my path to Druidry and beyond. Come on over and leave a comment to say you’ve made the switch; don’t forget to update your blogroll links! In Light, Rose. […]

Abandoned? Moved!

I’m so sorry to have abandoned you like that! I moved to a new blog [yes, again; but I’m here to stay this time!] and didn’t tell anyone! How silly of me. Please come a say hi over at and I shall apologise personally. -hugs to all-


I’ve been having massive moments of *bing* these past 2-3 weeks. Things slotting into place, intuitive nudges and opportunities I never thought I’d get. I’ve also had some interesting lessons about blogging; which I’m taking time to really settle in. I don’t want to stop after 5 years of loyal work, but it might be […]


I’m pushing my boundaries this week; spreading my wings. Tomorrow I’m leading a meditation session; Thursday I’m running a workshop on habits to get ideas for my eBook and Friday I’m going to a gig. The latter doesn’t sound very adventurous, but due to the crowds, the noise, the lights; it’s an experience which pushes […]

Secret to Happiness

As a stereotypical Pagan, i’m all very tree-hugging, want peace and happiness and materialism sucks. And today I found a wonderful post on happiness, which I’ve talked about on my other blog, Simple Wings. So with a little shameless plug for my search for simplicity, I present the Secret to Happiness. Anyone who thinks I’m day […]


On Wednesday, during our weekly Meditation session at University, Karasu introduced us to the Tibetan Wheel of Life. For those who don’t know about it, it’s a wheel of human consciousness (or at least that’s our interpretation of it) and Yama is wrathful impermanence; spinning the wheel to keep us on it. My very first […]


In the Summer of 2006, I found my voice. I started to speak my opinions, I found my feet; though shakily and I began to sing. My friend and I would sit at the pond by the community centre and sing duets. We got reasonable praise, and thus started my career in song. Aged 9-10 […]