I’ve mentioned Summer’s Apple Pie recipe a couple of times in the last few months:

Simple Food

Food Quiz

It’s times like these when I wish I could record and transmit scents to the internet. This microwaved apple crumble, based on Summer’s apple pie recipe smells amazing!

I sliced [didn’t peel] 2 washed apples, blended them with a couple of grapes (needed using up) and some pineapple juice because a) was out of apple juice and b) the apple wasn’t moving and thus not getting chopped/blended.  So it’s a bit different form summer’s recipe but I added cinnamon [no nutmeg here at uni] and oats; slipped it into the microwave for 2 minutes on high [only made half a mug full to make it last longer/give me more attempts to perfecting it].

I think I used too many oats in comparison to apple; and perhaps should try adding a bit of water to the oats to make them integrate more. However, mixing/mashing  all ingredients up, though looking less appealing, works well to get liquid into the oats.

And the verdict:

***** 4.75 out of 5, due to oat issue. Think I can get it to 5/5 tomorrow.

As I’ve run out of milk for cereal tomorrow; I look forward to having PineAppleGrape Crumble [perhaps to be named Apple Delight or something] for breakfast before a hectic Monday morning.

When I went to stay with my grandparents during school holidays, it was custom that we’d have pancakes for breakfast each Friday morning. I’ve always thought I’d have a “pancake day” a couple of times a month when I have my own house. However, I’m thinking I may have to produce lots of chunky apple sauce and make this a university, Monday morning tradition…

Many, MANY thanks to Summer for sharing. I think I’ll go look at that Apple Casserole now…

What are your favourite recipes for simple but nourishing/yummy snacks?

I love Christine Kane’s idea, which supports my new theory that anything combining Apple and Cinnamon is Perfect.


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