As Dianne Sylvan put it via Twitter: “Happy whichever day to whoever celebrates whatever it is.”

Tonight I’ll be doing a small ceremony to welcome the coming of light; of spring. I came home from lecture and tidied/swept my bedroom and today also marks the start of my second 5-a-day-for-14-days challenge.

Tonight’s Meal: Chicken soup with vegetable pasta + grapes&apple for dessert.
Tomorrow I’m thinking mashed potato, boiled vegetables and perhaps turkey.
Then Thursday or Friday I need to buy some fresh vegetables and I can have my weekly meat-free day.

Oh, and tonight’s play list includes: Bay City Rollers, Steps, Starship, AC/DC, Ten Thousand Maniacs, B*Witched, Third Eye Blind, The Police, Dixie Chicks and The Who.  It’s an upbeat dancing night.

Light a candle, breathe the warming air [unless you’re in the UK, where it’ getting colder…] and smile: The sun is returning and it won’t be too long before the flowers bloom.

Make A Wish.


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