I’m pushing my boundaries this week; spreading my wings.

Tomorrow I’m leading a meditation session; Thursday I’m running a workshop on habits to get ideas for my eBook and Friday I’m going to a gig.

The latter doesn’t sound very adventurous, but due to the crowds, the noise, the lights; it’s an experience which pushes my boundaries. Saturday I’m helping Yana shop for her party and then I get to spend Sunday writing 3.5k words. Joyous.

In all the excitement and fear; I need your help.

If you were to attend a workshop on creating habits and accomplishing goals; what would you want to know? Is it the why, the how, the what; which parts do you struggle with most? The motivation, the consistency?

Either leave me a comment here, tweet me or email me at to answer.

I’d really appreciate any feedback so I can add it to the workshop; and thus add it to my eBook in the next few months. I may even podcast the workshop; if all goes well.

Many Thanks,

Have a wonderful week.



  1. Frugal Trenches · · Reply

    Good Luck this week! For me it is sticking to it when the unexpected happens!

  2. yay 🙂 next week is my week of busy busy busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe well done on the workshop, you did well and it helped me feel a bit more motivated and gave me ideas 🙂 Looking forward to the gig tomorrow, going to be fun!

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