2009 Flashbacks – I Have:

  • Read 25 books since July
  • Taken part in a revolution [RATM4Xmas]
  • Written a 50,000 word novel!
  • Got a “First” [university class] in a couple of my exams
  • Started a second blog
  • Made progress toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Given a talk on Paganism
  • Taken part in Nine Pagan Rituals
  • Taken up weekly meditation for over three months
  • Sung on stage
  • Tried NIA and Belly dance (gothic and traditional)
  • Donated over 150 items to charity/Swish Swap
  • Given almost 150 volunteering hours
  • Received a V50 award for volunteering
  • Committed to co-running two university societies
  • Had my ears pierced
  • Got my weight to a healthy level
  • Visited Ciarán in Ireland
  • Made some sock cats
  • Given personal presents
  • Signed up to 10:10
  • Started an eBook
  • Reconnected with family members
  • Learnt a lot!!!
  • Made friends with wonderful people [Yana, Emerald, I’m talking to you!]
  • Signed up three books to BookCrossing
  • Won three honourable mentions, two bronze and one silver trophy on
  • Taken part in 4.5 hours of experiments

There must be more, but I can’t think of them at the moment.  My goal word for this year is Focus. I’ll post a more in-depth entry soon, but I think I should live it a few days before I fully explain what it’s about. I may find aspects I wouldn’t think of elsewise.

I’ve a bracelet ready for wearing as a reminder and I’ll let you know how my year progresses.

Until then, Happy New Year and Take Care.




  1. Wow Rose……Congrats!

  2. yep, congrats. May your next year be even more amazing.

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