As I missed posting my Saturday Seven, here’s a belated list:

  • I’m grateful for supportive community. I was blessed to be invited to spend Boxing Day with my husband’s family.
  • I feel so lucky to have relatives who are passionate in making sure I put money last and my happiness first.
  • I’m glad my mother got a Wii for Christmas because it made our Christmas day so much more relaxed and enjoyable, lessening arguments.
  • I’m so lucky to have enough money to do what I love; to learn new skills and experience life as I wish to.
  • I’m thankful to the opportunities I have in Brighton and Cove; to be part of a Grove, a circle, a volunteer team and a body of University students.
  • I’m grateful for the blogs I read; for each author who really speaks to me through their posts. You teach me how to be myself.
  • I’m blessed to have healthy eyes to type and ears to hear with.

Last week I started writing down a minimum of two items a day which had made me smile. As time goes on, I’m finding it easier to write 5 or 6 items, as I become more mindful of where my attention is.

What are you grateful for? Find two things, and let me know what they are. Let’s see if we can make a big list.



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