As I spent the weekend preparing for and hosting a Yule Buffet before spending a night and day with my husband, I missed this weekend’s Saturday Seven.

So here I am to make up for it:

  • RATM won Christmas number one. This is nothing against Joe, this is such a light of hope; that we CAN make a difference; that our voices can be heard and that if you have enough passion, you really can make a difference. I love the symbolism of hope this victory has awarded us with.  Listen to the Xmas No. One (Beware, swearing involved)
  • Nettle Tea!!! – After two weeks without my favourite teas, I’m desperately grateful for them. ❤
  • My husband – I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and he’s been so patient with me; as have you all. Thank you. It means everything.
  • The snow – I’m not a fan of snow but the comments I’ve heard and the gorgeous views it gives are breath-taking. I saw on the news on Friday that “it’s snowing but we’re British, we go to work regardless”. It made me laugh.
  • My Health – I have the usual 6-month-lasting cold but no flu, no bugs, no pains. I’m so blessed to be healthy.
  • My sewing box. I’ve embarked on making some crafty presents this year and that makes me smile. I feel almost like the self-sufficient, responsible and joyous person I wish I could be 24/7. It’s a wonderful reminder of what I’m aiming for.
  • Community. I’ve really felt connected this past week and it’s because of you readers, of the blogs I read and of the people in my life. You’re all amazing. You have such an incredible worth.

Today is Yule, so I’ll be doing a small ceremony to celebrate and then tonight, my husband and I will open our presents from each other over webcam. =) I’m so grateful to be able to see him twice this holiday, before our next 6-7 week gap. Two days + an evening (one night) in 15 weeks isn’t ideal, but I feel so blessed to have those moments.

This week is also about simplification. I’m focusing on purging items, giving and gratitude. Those, in my opinion, are the three keys to simplicity, which I’ll expand on later.

Blessed Solstice to those who practise, and thank you so much for your patience.



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