Simplicity: Possessions

In the end, I brought home one box (l:30xw:15xh:25cm), a suitcase, a carrier bag of shoes/fluffy toys my candle + incense burner, and an A4 zip folder full of this years lecture notes. My books are in my suitcase.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a quick sweep of my room today and remove things form this bedroom that I don’t use/need/want. Living at University for 12 weeks; I know that everything in my room at home isn’t being used and thus may not be necessary. Therefore, it’s a perfect opportunity to have a minimalism sweep.

I really do want that simple life, but a part of me likes/ feels bad about giving/throwing away my current possessions. And with so much to get rid of, that’s a lot to feel guilty over.

I might need an expensive medical physiotherapy type mattress when I have my own house; but I’d love sleeping on that mattress on the floor. And if I live the minimal/frugal lifestyle now; I’ll have money to buy one.

And looking at that list I made in February 2008, I’m taking basically everything from it home with me. I’ve got magazines and lecture notes, books and my music player, my make-up, jewellery and bits of my altar [I have a separate altar at home already], All I miss from that picture by going home, is the husband to snuggle with. And he’ll be there for that in a week or so. I really hope I can be moved to cut down on the clutter in my bedroom when I get home; I really want that simplicity; that knowledge that all of my possessions [minus furniture, food, cleaning supplies etc] can be fit into a car.  Some people aim for a backpack; I’m aiming for a car. It’s a personal goal for an individual purpose. I don’t wish to travel around the world [and I think I must be the only teenager I know who doesn’t], so I don’t have any need to consolidate my belongings into that small a compartment.

Maybe going to university is the ultimate “I’m not my stuff” experience. A lot of the people I’ve met haven’t seen my room here, nor at home; and I’m still me.

Actually, my friend Ant came over yesterday to say goodbye – we’ve become quite close since July and I noticed him looking at my collage. It’s a collection of 14 pictures of me and my closest friends at some of our happiest times: Marie and I at the druid festival, Ant and I in Pav Tav, the husband with me in Ireland; meeting C, my first Esbat with Emerald, my best friends Malin and Kami.  What would I rather portray to the people who come into my home: someone who is rich enough to buy the most expensive gadget, or that I’ve friends who love me and who I have a wonderful time and experience life with?

What’s worth more, money or love? Which is those is true wealth?

I think we all know.

I know when I visit facebook and look at people’s photo albums of them volunteering in Nambia and seeing them holding Koala bears in Australia; seeing them looking out over the Hong Kong sky; I think “wow, these people have experienced life; I respect them and want to know more”. If happiness isn’t enough of a reason, it’s almost seen as a sign of knowledge and wisdom.

I’m giving a lot of photos away for Christmas, photos and “experience vouchers” are my main gifts; because this term especially, I’ve learnt that experiences are so much more powerful, less cluttering and bring more vibrancy to my heart than any possessions.

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