Saturday Seven:

* I am so grateful that even without an income, I’m doing okay on living on the money I’ve saved from 19 birthdays and Christmases.

* I value my lecturers, who make an effort to connect with us and make the most boring statistics (Mixed Analysis of Variance [ANOVA]) interesting by dressing up as Santa and working out that faeries are light-weights compared to elves.

* I am grateful that I have health. Although I’ve got a cold, my knees are hurting this week and I’ve stomach cramps, I know they’ll pass and I am still able to walk and dance and sing.

* I fully treasure the fact that I have both the access to and healthy hearing to listen to music which brings me such joy.

* I truly appreciate my husband, for his patience, strength and his selflessness. We’ve each had tough weeks and still we’re together; strong, compassionate and in love as always. I’m so blessed to have that in my life.

* I am so thankful that I have a wonderful, supportive family of friends who expect nothing more of me, than to be myself.

* I’m happy that I have a housemate who’ll do some of the dirty work when it comes to cleaning, who’ll share his rice with me.

* I am thankful that I have healthy eyesight and hearing so that I may learn, read and experience the world.

* I appreciate that I have access to safe and fresh food and water.

* I am blessed with a roof over my head and a lock on my door, so I can find solitude when I feel I need it.

* I really value the opportunities I have to live, love, laugh and learn: To try new things, to learn about Mother Earth and to meet the communities of like-minded people.

* I’m so happy that I have enough hot water. Something about the shower or splashing it on my face from the tap just brings me back to my core; centring me.

* I’m utterly blessed to have access to Karasu at the Creative Meditation and Buddhism Society; where I can learn, enquire, discuss, open up and express emotions and problems. I’m blessed to have access to his thoughts and wisdom; to his compliments and to see how he sees me. He’s truly a gift in my life.

* I treasure my body, even though I’ve fed it more chocolate and cherry coke than vegetables this week, it still dances, walks, talks and thinks; though the latter isn’t up to it’s usual standard. I value its strength and flexibility to work even when it gets less nutrients.

I am utterly blessed with this life and I have everything to be thankful for. [And that’s double seven, but you can never express enough gratitude]. I also want to thank all of you who read my blog and my twitter; thank you for putting up with me as I hit depression for the first time since 2006. You’ve been fantastic.


I began to pack Thursday night and realised how little I need to take home. The make-up I use weekly, clothes, my belt and jewellery. Umm.. Uh.. Lecture notes, diary, magazines I’ve yet to read and a text book. My laptop and speakers… vitamin tablets, tarot cards.

My “handbag” items – camera, phone, mp3 player, book, purse.  And my cuddly toys from my bed?

And I look at all the crap in this room and think that that’s not much. My make-up collection is basically two eye showers, an eyeliner and a tube of mascara. I guess I should take my earrings home now I have my ears pierced… My favourite nail polish too.

That’s not much to survive a month. And to be honest; if I left my make-up, jewellery, magazines, diary and earrings here for the holiday; I likely wouldn’t notice.

I need to take the incense and candles home as it’s technically not allowed in our house.  But otherwise, I don’t need anything. I’m not sure if that’s a change of attitude or perspective or I have less stuff or.. what. But it made me smile.

To live on just the stuff I take daily (handbag items), the fluffy toys my husband gave me to keep a part of him close, my laptop for communication and notes/books/magazines to revise for exams/write up my essays and lab report/learn/experience fictional worlds.  It made me really happy as I realised I might be getting close to that ideal I saw when I first began this blog.

Today, I am grateful to just be.

Stars Bless,


One comment

  1. Such nice things to be grateful for, I love that you take nothing for granted 🙂

    I feel totally the same way looking at the single duffel bag and handbag I’ve packed for a whole month’s living. It’s not much, but I love that I can carry everything I own on my back. Ahh, simplicity, it feels so good!

    Great post, keep them up!

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