Broccoli: fruit or carb?

So.. this must be the 5th or 6th reattempt of a blog post; not exactly a re-write as I manage to start on a whole new topic each time. Firstly: some insight to the bus passengers of Brighton:

“I mean, what is broccoli anyway?” ~ Teenage Male getting off at Sussex University Campus. I can’t remember if he next asked “is it a vegetable?” or something but it made me think he was unaware of its category.

I felt the all-too-familiar rising of judgement and smiled. I’ve had a couple of these moments this week, where people make me think.

So, I went Belly Dancing Monday night, which was a blast and gave me a bit of a scholar fix as I got the hang of some of the moves again.

It meant I ticked off another of my “to-do” list items: attending the two dance classes. One on Traditional Belly dance and a second on Gothic Belly dance (same teacher/place). Due to this week being the final lessons of the year; the first hour was dedicated to make-up and costume where we fooled around experimented with masks, veils and gloves. As the last lesson; I got to taste everything they’ve been working on this term (and thus only kept up a couple of times – but that was fine; I learned a couple of things, which was my aim) and had a blast.  Gothic was much more freeing and we used a visualisation to centre us, which I found really useful.  It was great to get to know Isis Wings and to really shed the skin of reality for a few hours.

Tonight was the showcase/party thing from the singing workshops, where we sang two of the songs we’d learnt. We received a reasonable round of applause for our song together, but for the audience participation; they had no confidence/enthusiasm and didn’t really join in, which was a bit of a shame. I guess you win some and you lose some.

I have a lot of work to do now (that I should have done when instead I was doing my Novel, so it’s my own fault). So all may be a little quiet again for a few days; but I hope to expand on all those unfinished posts over the Winter Holidays. Have a wonderful week/end.



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