With the first week of the Pagan New Year, I’ve been reflecting and starting to change my actions. Not very much at first, as too much change equals too fast is a clear burn-out for me. I completed day 2 of chocolate-free time, which is something I decided to do one Monday while I was doing my fruit and vegetables challenge in October.

On Wednesday, I woke up and decided I’d try it again. Yesterday morning I thought I may as well try for day two. And it wasn’t hard. Wednesday I wanted to reach for it at each corner; but kept myself focused with “no one’s here to stop you; but it’ll still be there tomorrow” and I managed the day. Today I was a bit off my game and I decided I wouldn’t judge myself if it comes to that. I quite like the idea of going for a week without chocolate and seeing if my health or vitality improves at all. And for another thing; if my temper calms at all.

(I would like to put a link to Christine Kane’s blog post on habitual sugar eating which inspired me to write this post.)

In our Buddhist meditation this week, we discussed the five precepts. One involved ingesting toxins such as alcohol, drugs and “negative” foods. Not that they should be forbidden, but taken in conjunction with a balanced diet. I haven’t had alcohol since the week before Halloween; and I’ll be drinking this weekend with my partner. Before that, I’ve probably drunk 3-4 times since my birthday in August. I don’t take any form of drugs; unless I’m ill to the point where I can’t handle it with natural remedies. Then I’ll take ibuprofen. I take iron tablets daily, for my health; and Echinacea [for the placebo effect if nothing else].

But I eat more chocolate, sugar and reconstituted food than anyone else I’ve ever met.

I don’t buy those ready packaged meals.. you know the ones with the cottage pie or mince in bolognaise sauce with potato all in plastic container to be microwaved then eaten. I would never buy mashed potato or carrots which have been sliced and put into a packet.

However, my meat comes in the form of frozen pre-breaded items, turkey in the shape of dinosaurs; potato in smiley faces or waffles. Macaroni cheese comes form a packet which I add water and milk to. I do also buy potatoes and mash them up myself; I have been known to add a bolognaise sauce to mince and make cottage pie. But in the general scheme of things, I live on fruit, frozen vegetables and pre-cooked meat.

And in between those meals, I can easily eat 200g of chocolate AND a full packet of biscuits.

Every Day.

So, limiting chocolate is step one to health. Step 2 will involve getting back to 5-a-day on a more permanent basis; though, having said that, I’m doing that almost by habit for now; which is good.  And today marks near-end of day 3 of no chocolate and I’m doing okay. had a difficult afternoon; but I’ve survived on tea and digestives.

Dinner tongith was pasta with carrot, broccoli, sweetcorn and tuna. Healthy Rose ^_^

So that’s this weeks challenge 🙂 and i’ll keep you posted.

P.S. NaNoWriMo counter now works —>


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  1. Yeah, I know how you feel. I am diabetic but have a perfect AC1 of 5.3 – Thats non-diabetic blood sugars! But I am insulin dependent. We rung in the new year with the annual party…sorry to say that the pagan crowd was absent…and I had to swear off any hard spirits for the night…last year I almost killed myself – or should I say that the ghost of Clan Gregor met me at the top o’ the stairs!!!

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