Halloween Update

I’ve been a failing blogger this week; Apologies!!!moon 24oct

I’m trying to get ahead in all of my assignments before NaNoWriMo [from now on to be shortened to NaNo] on Sunday as well as preparing for my own ritual, two open circles and running two societies; including giving a talk on Samhain/Halloween in Paganism. What a week! I also went out Tuesday night to a Halloween themed night with the University Rock Music Society, which meant I got less work done than originally planned.

I also attended a NIA session on Sunday, which was great fun, but slightly uncomfortable for me at this stage; I think I’ll wait a bit before trying it again; work on my confidence in those sorts of situations.

If I remember correctly, I never posted about my 14 days of 5-a-day.  I finished it with one fail-day:  On day 13, due to unexpectedly being away from home, I only managed 4 of my 5. I let myself off, making sure I had more on the final day [seven, in fact].

Overall, I discovered that it’s not as hard to manage as I’d first thought. This week I’ve probably had at least 5-a-day just out of habit without really trying; which is fantastic.

* I eat more of the ‘healthy’ snacks – an apple, banana, some grapes or a segment of cucumber while I’m waiting for the kettle/pasta to boil.

* I batch cook which allows me to have a constant supply of pre-cooked vegetables ready to be chucked into spaghetti, soup or Pasta ‘n’ sauce.

* I’ve learnt that using frozen mixed vegetables can give me a variety so I don’t get sick of the same vegetables over and over.

I’m struggling a bit this week with some family drama, which was followed by some timely drama within my own house. These have caused me to be a bit more distant over the past week- so I apologise to those of you who feel I’ve been withdrawing – I’ll be back soon, honest.

So plans to be finished by 11pm on October 31st include:

–           time online with husband

–           prepare and do own ritual for Samhain

–           start the 1,000 word cognitive psychology II lab report. [aiming to complete 300 words]

–           finish going through Applied Cognitive Psychology paper – work on critiquing presentation and essay for it

–           check train/bus times for Sunday’s open circle

–           do some deep breathing/dancing so I don’t murder housemate who is smoking in the house AGAIN [though thankfully it’s not weed this time]

–           give plot outline a once-over for NaNo

–           tidy up this damn bedroom

–           write up lecture notes from week 3 [oops, running two weeks late on that chore]

–           do SOME of my core reading.. anything.. a single word of it…

–           sing to keep up the new key/tone/pitch etc

–           finalise my resolutions for the Pagan New Year

–           do daily scheduled Kanji and Hiragana revision

–           fit in some sleeping, eating and toilet breaks.

Wish me luck? =P

Have a wonderful weekend and may the stars bless you;



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