Last Chance

Last Chance!!

d Y2Week0 217

To name this dragon:

He’s a gorgeous fellow who needs a name. Closes November 1st.

If you’ve a couple of suggestions, that’s fine too.  I’d love anything in another language – especially Mandarin (the main language of China) or Cantonese (southern coast of China and Hong Kong).  Please post the meaning for these though.

I’ll likely do a proper update for this blog Thursday night as I’m swamped with coursework.

Have a wonderful week!


One comment

  1. I don’t know why, but I kept thinking of soybeans in a pod. This looks like a young dragon to me, so Edamame (japanese) was teh first thing to pop into my head.
    Of cours,e you requested a more Chinese term, so the same “hairy beans in a pod” is called maodoujia, or 毛豆荚.

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