d Y2Week0 210Visited the Brighton Pavilion today; It was immense. The use of Chinese art throughout was astonishing. I plan to take my other half there next term. I did get him a little something as part of his Yule present, and my grandmother kindly bought me a Red Dragon, who’s now sitting proudly on my windowsill.

I’m not a fan of history at all, minus the tales of Greek mythology and the odd bit about the Celts; but I found the Chinese artwork just fascinating and will happily pay to see it again with my husband.

I’m trying really hard not to plan my NaNoWriMo plot too much, lest I be compelled to start writing.

 I’ve downloaded the first three episodes of Autumnwatch but have yet to watch them.

 Along with some presents from her short break to Rome [fridge magnet, postcard, earrings], my mother brought some food [we buy in bulk at home and she brings things down], clothes “just in case” and books and post and knick-knacks. I’ve next to no room in here and was hoping to be able to minimize things.

Alas, my last-night-tidy room is now a total mess once more. And so the cycle begins anew.  I don’t want to be able to pack everything I own into 3 boxes and a rucksack (though well done to those who can!!!), but it would be nice to be able to travel home from university and have space to put things down. Unfortunately, one of the curses of University is the need for two of certain things or extras.

I have pots and pans, which sit in the garage during holidays as my parents have their own sets. However, I couldn’t take them with me and leave them without a saucepan for 3 months.

d Y2Week0 217

The dragon is said to bring cosmic chi to house/office from its celestial breath. It is the symbol of preventing from evil chi and bringing celestial chi. This dragon is catching ball, which is the symbol of prosperity and good luck, and blowing it to us.

How to place it?

  • You can display it almost everywhere you like (except bath room).
  • Place it near the water features, such as water fountain to bring achievement, fame and power.
  • Place it in the east for health because it can blow precious chi.
  • You can place it on your desk for career success.

  d Y2Week0 204

My bedrooms in the “education” bit of the house, my desks in the education bit of my room.

Thus my dragon is now sitting on my windowsill, in the east part of my room/breathing his air over my desk and watching my back. I think I may do a little “ask the audience”. He looks like a happy chappy to me; what should we name him?

Erm, let’s say I’ll open this until October 31st.  What a cliché. On November 1st, I’ll draw all names out of a hat/. I’ll see if I can get some form of something for the person who chooses the winning name too.  If you’ve a couple of suggestions, that’s fine too.  I’d love anything in another language – especially Mandarin (the main language of China) or Cantonese (southern coast of China and Hong Kong).  Please post the meaning for these though.

There was also a GORGEOUS box with a lid design similar to a Chinese screen. I may have to get it when I take the husband there.   Ahar, you can get in without going through the Pavilion. I may just have to visit town on Tuesday =P
d Y2Week0 208

We’ll see.  I already have five sets of earrings and 3 of them I can’t wear for 6 months due to being hook-style. I believe they need a box to rest in.  Also, I have a makeup in an oriental style design and a lucky coin fastening and a lucky cat (Maneki Neko).  It feels right to bring more of this into my life right now, and I may feel more comfortable releasing other “misc items” if I own a few beautiful and meaningful items to fill the space with.


Oh, and though I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned it before, I’m now officially a non-Nestle consumer. I finally found a replacement for the only two Nestle items I use; thus I can safely say I’m no longer supporting them in any fashion.   I only bought their products perhaps 10 times during a year, but now I can bring that down to zero times and I’m thrilled.

[I never supporting them morally, but by buying their products, I was supporting them financially, which is actually the most powerful support for them].

I’ve also signed up (a few hours late, mind) to No Impact Week.


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  1. I go with Tien-lung (the Celestial Dragon’s chinese name, I believe) 🙂 He protects the sky and the Gods’ realms.

    Or Chien-Tang was the commander of the river dragons, was blood red, and 900 feet long.

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