7even satOver time, I’ve left the Saturday Seven behind. So today’s list:

  1. Green tea
  2. Solitude
  3. Music
  4. Incense
  5. Painkillers
  6. Chance to learn
  7. Opportunity to read

It’s day.. nine of fourteen of my 5-a-day challenge. Almost completed my challenge (see 101 in 1001 tab, top of right-hand bar). I’m also close to finishing The World According the Clarkson; though with everything planned for this weekend, I doubt I’ll finish it until next week.

I’m actively healing from something this month. October is usually a month which brings up old debris for me, and I think NaNoWriMo will be another step on my recovery. The chance to write without perfectionism; to ramble with deliberate intent of not analyzing it. Just writing. Finding the thrill of weaving the web of a story.

I’ve already started experiencing fear over not finishing it; but I’m fighting.


I can do this. It won’t be ready for publish nor perhaps even readable; but I’ll manage it.

I’m so blessed to have reasonable health, to have food and drink easily available. I’m lucky to have a husband who supports me and loves me, to have a community I can turn to in my times of low. I’m so grateful that I can explore myself and learn here. The opportunities I’ve been presented with are so perfect and I embrace them all.


What are you grateful for?


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