Healthy – Movement

Y2Week2 017

 I bet you’re all fed up of my menu’s now, so I’ll stick to a brief update.

Day 4 –
5-a-day: Five  
Meat:Ham, Chicken, Turkey

Day 5-
5-a-day: 3 but shall get 5 by days end.
Meat: Tuna (hooray, goal achieved!!!   see picture..) and chicken.

I’ve got some fun plans for November which I think I’ll talk more about tomorrow.  I’m rather excited.

Oh, I finally went to the doctor’s today. I’ve been saying for the past 10 months I may have Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome. I was right; it’s a form of that called Chrondromalacia Patellae. I love how technical it sounds. It’s most common in female teens/young adults and it basically means the cushion behind my knee-cap is rubbing against the bone of my thigh or it’s wearing out [I hope not, surely I’m too young for that as I don’t do any knee-stressing sports!?] 

So with my New Year’s exercise routine I’ll be working through my Physiotherapy routine. Fun times.

 Look out for tomorrow’s post about my November Challenge.



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