Healthy – Day ii

Y2Week0 189Day 2

I had my five-a-day yesterday in the form of salad:
Grapes, Cucumber, Carrot, Apple & fresh Thyme sprinkled on top. I also had fruit juice mixed with Eccineasea.
And this morning I decided today would be a non-chocolate day.

So.. today’s food:

  • Hobnobs
  • An apple
  • Modified Soup – chicken noodle, sweetcorn, red pepper, green bean, spinach, onion, baby sweetcorn and broccoli.
  • Grapes
  • Cucumber
  • Peperami
  • Nutrigrain Bar
  • Toast with ham
  • Pasta with chicken & mushroom sauce
  • Organic Vanilla Yoghurt


Meat: chicken, pork x2

5-a-day: Nine + fruit juice + onion

I’ll have something with cheese tonight to try and make up for the lack of dairy. [in the end I had pasta sauce requiring milk]


Disclaimer: the aim of this isn’t particularly to get the full five a day. Although I obviously try to do that where possible; if I eat a fruit of vegetables (even a single grape) I count that. It’s about changing a lifestyle of eating rather than accomplishing large amounts at this point. Baby steps.

 Y2Week0 200 2

I did a weekly shop today too as I’ll be going to ASDA next Sunday which is cheaper, I just got the necessities [including things they don’t sell in ASDA like the cereal I like].

Today’s bill came to £16.06 but I’ll get 75p of that back from housemates as £1 of that was for household usage.

I bought green tea, toilet rolls, ham, pasta sauce, bread, cucumber, sponges, tissues, peperami and soup, earning a total of 32 nectar points.

I’ve also been reading up on my minimalist blogs again today and thus tossed (not literally) my housemates dirty plates into the sink, wiped down all the counters (which they’ve been sitting on for 4 days) and dried up all the clean stuff in the draining rack so they’ve no excuse now.

Now I just need to do a cleaning/tidying sweep of my own bedroom. I bought some sponges so I can try to wipe the mould off my curtains [the joys of student accommodation] as they look impossible to get off the curtain rail to wash.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. Apologies for the quality of pictures this week.. they’re fine on my laptop but change colour whenever I upload them here/facebook/myspace/twitpic.


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