Extensive Reading on a Rainy Day

 Y2Week0 183Picture – My Dinner (shall have “tea” nearer 6-7pm) of noodles with homemade flavouring [oxo, paprika, basil].. with a Yorkshire pudding.  Might be worth adding butter next time.

Today didn’t start off well. I was woken by next door’s radio blaring through the wall. I showered, cursed, dressed, cursed, had breakfast, cursed that it had stopped so I couldn’t go complain and put on some Otep to keep my emotions under control. I left for my practical.

Two hours of “Go to FILE then OPEN and this allows you to OPEN a FILE”. I have actually used Windows 3.1. I like MS-DOS. I do NOT need a re-cap over last year’s SPSS stuff.

We were told that “even if we find it easy, we’re not to go ahead- we must all stay at the same pace”. Are you KIDDING ME?!?!

-sigh- I had this exact problem last year. So I read up on Gandhi’s life, read about Kindness and some Dalai Lama quotes and looked for jobs online. I stood at the bus stop for 20 minutes (it says there’s a bus in 2 minutes and the next time you look at the constantly updating digital sign; the next three buses are gone and you’ve got a 15 minute wait for a bus you don’t even want.

To top it all off, it was POURING it down. Except this went BEYOND the kind of rain we get daily in England. There are 4 lanes of the duel carriageway/motorway which the bus stop is on. Someone in lane 2 (2 lanes away) went past and the puddle in front of the bus stop rose to over 6 foot high and splashed down on some people waiting. I stepped back. Kudos for me.

Now I’ve got 4 statistical lab report assignments to get on with and about 15 chapters of reading to do. I only wish I were exaggerating..


* Chapters 2-4, 6-8, (9 optional) of a book the library is out of and I don’t own. = FAIL

* At least 4 chapters of my speech books (for one of my assignments) [Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism + Speech & Cortical Functioning]   and to make up for the book above I’m missing.

* Chapters 1 and 20 of Toates.

* A couple of chapters for Philosophy [Consolations of Philosophy + Brain, Mind & Spirit]

* The book I got form University library – The Joyous Cosmology.


I’d also love to read something from my Summer Reading list such as Clarkson’s or the Mindful book.

Wish me luck?


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