Week 3 without net

The sun’s streaming in through my window, to rest upon my back. It’s almost 11am and it’s course south continues. I sip my Chai and crush my iron tablet between my teeth as the music of this laptop seeps into the vanilla-fragranced room. I find myself caught in the void here, cut off from the internet, where friends and family fail to reach me; and I think of the potential within this period of quiet. I’ve been reminded of the Maiden’s path at this period of the year; her potential and her power. The power of potential and intention: Remembering from a past lifetime that all woman have an innate power; sexual but not lustful. It’s not about sex or even making love; but a formidable energy force. Every woman has it and the most exciting and most terrifying thing to access it; to connect. I can feel the potential in this year. This week is to be tiring, I can already feel it. We’ll receive four assignments, there’s reading I’ve been unable to do without the internet & all the clubs and societies have their taster sessions at this time. Let alone the lack of a decent sleep pattern.

I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and look forward toc atching up on my blog reading.



One comment

  1. this blog sounds like the stuff i’ve been reading about sensory deprivation hehe we’ve become so accustomed to the internet that life without it is so much harder!!! im glad its back!!!!! hehe

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