Healthy Eating – i

Y2Week0 130We has internets. Yays.

So today I’ve stolen an idea from Frugal Trenches  in that I’ve just done my first proper weekly shop of term (not including the start-up shop two weeks ago with my parents) and thought I’d share it with you.

My weekly shop cost just 11.02 earning me 23 nectar points.

The fruit’s for snacking on (apples, grapes, cucumber) while the carrots can be mixed with my frozen vegetables. The bread’s for ham or ham&cucumber sandwiches (lunch at University) and  the milks for drinking, chai tea, shredded wheat with grapes, or white (pasta) sauce. The chocolate bars are also for university packed lunches and the yoghurts are because they wer eon offer/reduced and I like having a big pot of organic vanilla yoghurt handy.

And that’s my shop. SO meals include:


Breakfast. – porridge/shredded wheat/yoghurt

Lunch. – sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bar, apple.


Main Meals:

–          vegetable pasta

–          macaroni cheese

–          carbonara (ham, cheese, white sauce)

–          tuna sweetcorn pasta bake with vegetables

–          soup with added vegetables

–          vegetable mash (mashed potato, with carrot)


I’ve also frozen potato (happy stars!) and meat (turkey dinosaurs/breaded chicken fillets) and

I’ve been taking my vitamins, iron tablet and Echinacea regularly.

That should suit me for this week; I’ll let you know how it goes. If you have any recipes with these ingredients and staple foods, let me know! I also intend to update my lists thiw week. Keep an eye out for the changes.



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