Lacking Internet

I’m sad to report that there’s still no internet access at my student house; and without lectures to attend, it’s not worth wlaking here just to read my der friend’s blogs (nothign personal).

Today we’ve attended a conference/trianing course/workshop.. day thing =P which was quite interesting. Lots of wonderful opportunities.

Attended an Open Wiccan Ritual last night with some good friends of mine, to celebrate the Equinox. I’m absolutely blown away at the moment by how at home I feel among the Pagan community these days. The energy is just wonderful, and being able to be myself really helps.

As a part of the circle, I had to get into the role of huntress, which is a stance I’ve naturally taken for years. It put me back in touch with the part of myself I first found within Paganism, which was an amazing experience.

The autumnal equinox; traditionally a time for reflection on the year, as it comes to a close; is one of my favourite times of year. As to names, I know it as Modron, though I believe Mabon is a more common name for it in Wicca. I believe Druid’s call it Alban Elfed [loosely translated as ‘The Light of Water’]. I believe Modron means “Great Mother” as she was the mother of Mabon (Great Son), which is likely why these names are most often associated with this festival. Night and day are equal and we celebrate the harvest of the preceding months.

Some basic things I do to celebrate this day include consuming associated foods (apples, berries, corn, wine, pomegranate), taking an especially long shower (cleansing), taking note of the seasonal changes (leaf colour, nature sounds), preparing a gratitude list and sealing any current plans; as though jamming the fruit and canning the harvest.
It is, a time of completion.

Enjoy the gorgeous colours of Autumn, give thanks for everything you have and have a wonderful week,

Oh, and P.S. I have Peshwari naan bread for dinner (it was reduced!)  ❤


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  1. Frugal Trenches · · Reply

    Hope you are enjoying your new adventure!

    That NAAN bread sounds divine!

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