Plan My Menu

Autumn09 256I’m moving out on Saturday and moving into a student house. I’ll do a big shop, and then use my weekly shop for fresh produce such as dairy, fruit & vegetables; as well as particular items for specific recipes.

I’d like some of your favourite recipe ideas (just titles – not asking for full recipes) or staple foods which are easy to prepare; yet healthy.  I’d like to have around 20 meals planned and I can then just pick 7 to buy the fresh stuff for. Unlike weekly shopping, I can’t look in the cupboard/fridge and plan my list from there, as the cupboards are currently empty.


I’m planning to eat 5 a day, have at least two meals a week comprised of raw foods (I generally do this for breakfast, so won’t count that), drink over 2 litres (I do that without thinking.. I wouldn’t survive on less :P), drink green & other colour smoothies, and make 4/7 meals from scratch rather than packet meals. We’ll have to see how it goes.

What can you suggest for me? I’d love your input. 😀




  1. I like Irish Cut whole oats for breakfast. It takes 45 mins to cook so I make enough for a few days and nuke as I need it. Great w/ honey or black strap molasses. I like salads w/ spinach and olives and black beans and chick peas. Had meatloaf w/ beets last night. So I guess that I can’t help you much….this works for me. I am diabetic and run blood sugars equal to a person without the disease….heavy on the veggies and water – low on carbs

    1. Thanks for commenting. As I use cinnamon as a sugar substitute, I’d be interested in my own blood sugar levels (it’s mean to lower them or something?)
      I love honey on oats (microwave-made porridge from oats, milk and water) ^_^ and often have honey and cinnamon on oatbiscuits. I have a plan to make flapjacks this term too 🙂

  2. Frugal Undergrad · · Reply

    I think soups fit your “easy to prepare, yet healthy” requirements! Search the Internet for recipes with ingredients you know you’ll actually eat & can afford, and that’s it.
    I’m not sure if you like soup though! (I found your blog today)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I eat some soups, yes. 🙂
      Hope you enjoy your stay here.. do you have a blog? I’ve goggled and a found a blog.. FrugalUndergrad.wordpress? is that you? 🙂


  3. apieceofwood · · Reply

    Sounds all good to me! Hope the move goes well!

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