Tit on Fence
Tit on Fence

It’s raining and I can see a robin on a branch at the end of next doors garden. As I look to type, he moves. With his back to me, I can barely see him. Thankfully, he moves, and I once more hold him in my gaze. He ruffles his feathers, and a spray of fresh earthen precipitation flutters out, like sparks of a fire.

There’s something so deep about those who live in the forest, mysterious. As thought they connect to the spirit daily, as though they can teach us. They know something we don’t.

White deer, birds or horses, in literature, often symbolise a quest, and with the peaceful movement of the deer, the birds spiritual song and horses knowing eyes; is there any surprise we see them as messengers and guides?  For me, the deer is most important. Even though the forest holds many threats to them, they walk with serenity and grace.


And now there’s a tit on Charlie Brown (yes, we name our trees); not sure if it’s a coal tit or great tit from this distance, but it’s now as wet as the poor Robin.  


(Oh, and a big “Hello” to those of you who arrived here looking for topless pictures.)

I’ve made up a basket on Amazon.co.uk and plan to order the books Friday, so that they arrive after Monday at my University house. I’m excited. An order than should cost just over £47 (for seven books, inc. one workbook) costs £21.95 🙂 That’s almost half price 😛 I’m excited =3   It’s going to be a wonderful year at University.  I can feel the buzzing potential; it’s enthralling.

Won’t you join me in my journey?




  1. Darn, I was looking forward to the ‘real’ tit action 0:)

  2. I’m not sure to be happy or almost sad that I thought of the birds first and did a double-take when I saw your comment about topless images. 🙂 I’m getting old I think, or something.
    Grats on the book order,m and being able to view the wildlife outside your windows so easily.

  3. haha your trees called charlie brown, thats so cool!!

    i wish i had been sad and thought of the bird first but you know me well enough by now that i was immature enough to go “haha tit” in my head….oh dear

    on another note i really like your writing on nature its so descriptive and relaxing to read 🙂

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