Clothing Purge: Part i

My 26 tops

My 26 tops

Clothes Clutter:

When it comes to clutter, I see a multitude of things around my room that don’t have homes. That’s my main issue; no homes for objects.

When it comes to things I know I could easily cut down/give away, my list is basically clothes. I could probably give away a lot of my clothes; however, I don’t believe this would help to diminish the clutter which I see on a day to day basis.

Clearing the hanger space of my wardrobe is not going to help me find space for those books or painting supplies etc, because it’s a specialist area. Hanging rails are for hanging things on, and though you can make file holders on hangers, and some objects can be modified to fill the space, you can’t use them for most of the things that constitute to my particular clutter. Thus, I’ve not yet bothered to go through my clothes… until now.

I leave home on Saturday. Tonight, I went into the loft and got out the only suitcase we have which will fit on the roof-rack of the car. As it’s HUGE (twice the size of my own suitcase), I made a vague guide of numbers:

Fifteen-to-twenty tops (for layering),
two-three pairs trousers,
two-three skirts,
a dress or two for going out
two coats– the heavy winter one which can be brought down half way through term, once it gets cold. 
I figured I can last 12 weeks with those.

In the end, I went through two drawers and the top shelf in my wardrobe, looking for specific tops to take, and now have a list of items I love. I made a list of what I was putting into my suitcase, and as I fought my way around clothes in the drawer to find specifics, I started to pick out only tops that made me smile, that I wear often. 

My list now looks like this:   Six strap tops (I LIVE in them. I layer with them, I wear them as Pyjama tops, I wear them for chores and on those “don’t need to leave home/duvet days”, I live in them.),

14 T-shirts and ¾ length sleeve tops (i have 14 tops that fall into either category, not 14 of each)

4 baggy t-shirts

3 “cover-ups”. One ‘cover’ is a sleeveless shirt I wear over strap tops and the other is a black see-through float-y cardigan, which fastens via 2 pieces of cord at the front. I’ll also add an old school shirt (for interviews/covering).


This is 20% of my clothes I spend 80% of my life in. I actually wear more strap tops than that, but I went through those while I was only packing for the 12-week term.

That’s 26 ‘tops’ (Not too far off from my 20 limit, minus the school shirt). I’ve decided to keep out these items and do a purge of just my tops tomorrow.  I’ll keep a count and post the results here. 

In addition:
As for my other clothes, the patterns of their usage is along the lines of- three pairs of trousers (I’m taking a forth pair, specifically for interviews/work), I wear 6-8 of my skirts and perhaps 3 of my dresses.

18 months ago, I didn’t own a dress, and have been trying to get into wearing them. I now own ten or so, and really feel the need to purge them. I’m obviously not at the right stage in my life to be wearing them.   

Deciding which shoes to take will bug me. I’ve somehow accumulated more this year. I’m up to ten damn pairs of the things. (yeah, I’m a typical teenage female student… 😛 )

FOUR pairs of sandals (WHY?), a pair of steel-toe-capped trainers, a pair of boots beyond broken (having real difficulty getting a new pair), two pairs of plimsolls (one grey & one tie-dye purple pair) and.. wait.. that’s it I think. I really must get myself some Wellington boots.. Or some shoes.. =p.  


So my suitcase is not suitably packed, but I hope I’ll get somewhere with my purging (and at least I only have eight pairs of footwear, not ten). As I stated at the beginning of this post, I’d much rather be clearing USEFUL spaces, but I thought this was a good a time as any to clear this clutter; and knowing me, I’d never get round to otherwise, when it’s perhaps the easiest for me to do (and should thus create a nice momentum for motivating me to complete the rest).

What could you do to simplify your rooms?



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