Autumn Opportunities

Autumn’s on it’s way and I welcome the changing seasons. I’ve come to kind of limbo in my life and I must admit, I’m not a fan of waiting.
I said previously that I’d update you on my clearing efforts, so here’s a couple of pictures:
My bedside shelf;

Autumn09 163


Autumn09 174

Shelf above my desk;

Autumn09 175


Autumn09 177

 I’ve spent much of this weekend reviewing. Remembering lessons learnt from my experiences and thinking about how I can incorporate those into my daily practise.  I’ve been trying to remember moments of power and identify those events which bring out the best in me.  

I finished reading Fell (40), which is the sequel to The Sight (39), and as with last time I read them, they brought me to tears and made me review humanity with more intensity than any philosophy book.

It brings both anger and sadness that such people as these walk the earth; yet without the darkness; we’d never known the contrast of light. I understand that we need (and have) balance from duality; as the Tàijítú displays, and yet a part of me still saddens and pities those who chose power over honour, seeking control over knowledge and understanding.

I’ve less than a week now before I return to Brighton and I’ve already made plans to see the few, but important friends I made there, in that first week alone. I know I must visit the beach one day before lectures; and hopefully I can take a book to read while I re-connect with myself.  The last year’s been for gaining knowledge and this year’s for experience: Feeling emotion, seeing magic, and exploring my own mind and powers; the sixth sense, medative stance and enjoying friendship.

My family had a boat as I was growing up and we’d often sail to the Isle of Wight and sleep within its beds. I don’t think I ever feel freer than sitting upon the bow, as we crest the waves; with the spray upon my skin. It’s exhilarating and calming simultaneously.  I’ve not been to the beach to sit for a day, even though it’ but a 15 minute bus away, and I lived there 9 months.

I won’t let that occur again this year. If I end up paddling in the sea, in the pouring rain (which to be honest, I’d likely prefer) then I will. At least I’ll have a nice, peaceful day without too many humans, swarming mindlessly around upon the century-old pebbles; driven by their timepieces and schedules, their commitments to families, friends and colleagues.

This is my year of connections, and I’m overwhelmed by the opportunities I have.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by a family of friends I daren’t have dreamed of, a loyal wolf-pack, contacts who allow me to gain experience in my chosen field, teachers who don’t judge me upon my age and a past of experiences which allow me to connect with people on a deep level.

It’s a blessed life indeed, which I have the fortune to live.
How often do you review your past & plan for the future? How to you choose to see your life?



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