Food Lesson I

My mother loves cookery books. She can bake quite well but has next to no self confidence in her cooking skills. She’s got.. 50-60 cookery books I’d guess, and other than baking recipes, I’ve never seen her use one. So. Tonight I told her that as its just us eating, I/we would cook something out of one of the books.

The book I’m using is called ‘Healthy one-dish cooking’ and I love that it encourages you to menu plan.  I’m planning to scan in the first 15 or so pages; which tell you how to prepare food in different ways, including “rare fruit and vegetables” all the way to basics of chopping cheese into cubes and herbs; so I can refer to them at University.

So. Today’s recipe is Tagliatelle with Asparagus & Smoked Trout. Due to my fussy eating and the sudden urge to do this today, we’ll substitute some of the ingredients.   Best of all, it gives you a rough time estimate! So for this dish, it aims to take around 10 minutes for preparation & 9 minutes cooking. I think we could likely get that down to 15 minutes altogether…

…It took twenty, but it was YUMMY!!
And Voila! The pictures:
Autumn09 156

Autumn09 158

I didn’t make an effort to make it look good, but it sure tasted awesome. If I may say so myself.

On a separate note, I’ve edited my 101 in 1001 section; I now have a shiny new list to make up for the issues I had with the 101 list. Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts on it.




  1. Yummy! I always love when I can figure out a fast, easy, and healthy meal from available kitchen-goods. Better yet when they taste as delicious as this one sounds!
    /logs off to go make lunch: smoked salmon with angel hair pasta and summer-squash today. 🙂

  2. apieceofwood · · Reply

    That does look good!!!

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