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Quote of the Day:

To learn that a rich person is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least. ~ An Interview with God, Author Unknown, found here.

Afternoon all. My bed is officially half done. Basically, it’s a cabin bed – it has 4 shelves and four drawers. I’ve finished clearing three of the drawers and one of the shelves and I changed the sheets too).


Autumn09 093


Autumn09 118

Also cleared my CD rack wall unit thingmy bob – Before:

Autumn09 055


Autumn09 113

Welcome to my clean desk!! (not clean under it yet, but the surface was…)

Before.  After: Autumn09 041

And on the spiritual side; my “altar” –cringe at before picture-.

Autumn09 043


Autumn09 048

Speaking of spirituality, and I know I haven’t for a little while; I’ve got some solid plans now for the rest of this year. I came back form Waterstones with yet another pagan book, called Pagan in the City by Cassandra Eason. I’m already a little way through it. I’ve also been chatting a lot to Emerald, whom I had my first Esbat ritual with (minus ones I’ve done alone). We’ve made plans to meet up for coffee (I don’t drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate, so I guess I’ll be on milkshake or water) and hopefully we can fit in a regular (perhaps fortnightly) chat about various pagan things. He’s a lovely gentle soul.  Although my dedication was many years ago, and his more recent; he’s had a lot more experience with other pagans, and due to having so many years, I’ve read a lot more on some subjects.
P.S.  I’ve only once been to a coffee shop with friends, they paid for my drink and it was almost 5 years ago. I’ve got brithday money allocated for this outing.

I’m really excited to have an opportunity to actively learn. Also, before we go for coffee, I’m hoping we can walk to the fabric shop to get my material for my robe/cloak!! EXCITED!!! ❤

One day this week I’m determined to walk to the local lake and read out in nature, perhaps even taking a packed lunch with me, but the weather didn’t like that idea today – fingers crossed for tomorrow instead! 🙂

As I so often say, I’d love to know who reads this so if you have a chance, please leave me a comment or send me an email even if it states “I read your blog because ___. “ and sign with your name and/or a link to your blog/twitter/facebook.




  1. I read your blog because you post the URL on Twitter. >8)

    The previous Senior Druid of my Grove once went on a business trip to India and came back saying that modern pagans really need to put more effort into regular cleaning of their altars as a form of devotional, and I’ve tried to clean mine at least monthly since then. Clearly I’m not as devoted as the Hindus who do it weekly or even daily, but it’s something!

    1. Rob – It’s a new-ish thing (compared to how long i’ve been blogging) for me to post the URL there, I feel it pointless to write without an audience. That’s great. As one of my parents is unaware of my beliefs, my home altar isn’t treated like one 24/7, but at University, the temp altar I create does stay reasonably tidy. Ish. Thanks for commenting.

    2. That’s interesting, I didn’t know that the Hindus did such a thing! Since I’ve had my altar, I’ve been cleaning it (and tinkering with it slightly) about once every day, yet I never supposed it to be something devotional, just something I did out of almost a habit (yet not a habit, having not had it for long).

      Very interesting indeed! 🙂

  2. apieceofwood · · Reply

    Great before’s and afters – uyou’ve been productive!

    1. Thanks; you’re one of my main inspirational blogs at the moment. Did you know you have 75 pages of posts? I think I’m up to 44.. it’s a truly amazing journey you’ve been on. What wonderful motivation you can give to people like me (or like your beloved) who can plan, plan plan, but not do straight away. 🙂 Thanks for commenting; I appreciate it.

  3. Very interesting, insightful blog. I am honoured to appear in it, from time to time at least. 🙂

    Looking forward to coffee(/milkshake/water) with you.

    1. Thanks for commenting my dear. I must update your Characters entry. Can;t wait to see you in a couple weeks 🙂

  4. Regarding the quote; I try to honor the maxim – All of my needs and some of my wants is all one could ever ask for.

  5. Quite inspiring. Cleaning is one of those things I tend to put off until it reaches ‘critical mess’ and threatens to explode. I’d never read of cleaning as a devotional. Hmm, What better way to start a small habit of cleaning than to maintain my own little altar regularly. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. i read your blog because im trying to put off doing reading hehe 🙂

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