Frugal Food

When I first started planning for next year, I found myself reading about No Spending Days, I immediately thought “don’t need to do that” because I don’t think I spend more than 2 days a week as it is. However, if this is the case, I might as well take up the challenge. Again, I’m holding off these plans until University because at the moment I spend perhaps 2 days a month (as I’m not buying my own food).

I also know that in the first week I may very likely go shopping 2-3 days as we need to organise cleaning supplies and fresh food, I’d like to buy some fabric to make a robe for druid circles (I’ve saved birthday money specifically for this) and it’s likely I’ll need to buy a couple of things the fruit/vegetables market which is on campus, not in town (where supermarket is). It would be easier to shop for those on two or three different days, as I’ll be travelling to campus anyway.  However, after the first week, I should be all set.

I’ve been reading Frugal Trenches and A Piece of Wood lately, and taking into account their tips. The former especially has a lot of useful comments about frugal food and downsizing especially.

So, some background information on my spending habits:
I don’t eat out if I can help it. This year I ate out once with my housemates; as I’d made enough excuses the previous 2 invites and also ate out on my birthday; though I didn’t pay for this, so it doesn’t quite count. That’s it since last September.

I’ve told my housemates I don’t want a TV this year (thus no TV license fee). I don’t own a car (no tax, MOT, tax disc, petrol, insurance etc.), nor am I on anyone’s else’s car insurance. I almost always take my own packed lunch to University/work.

However, I need to use the library more. I don’t let myself shop often in bookstores because I almost always buy something. I also buy a lot of junk food at ASDA. It’s 13p for a pack of own brand bourbon bicuits, but I’m sure if I didn’t have any I could find SOMETHING else to eat; even if it’s cereal. I also buy pasta which comes with a sauce- just add water, and super noodles. Think year I hope I can experiment with making sauces so that I can buy plain noodles and use the 2kg (50p) pasta instead. I usually have both processed and plain,

I think without those expenditures I should be able to spend a little more (organic/ non-processed) meat and vegetables. I don’t buy ready meals or those vegetable packets; I can cut up my own carrot, thank you very much, and save myself £1.

Overall I’d say I’m not a big spender, but as I’ve also said, I think I could get my £26 weekly spending down to £18-20.  I plan to take a calculator with me too, what a brilliant idea!

The idea not buying new things is something that, after further thought, I should try to embrace. I want to get started now but trying to control my diet here isn’t very successful; so I’d rather start when I know I have a chance.



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  1. apieceofwood · · Reply

    Good luck, you can do it!

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