Session 4.5 & Plans

Autumn09 033Summer Reading Challenge Update: I think we’re up to week 9 of 13… I finished reading The Sight (39) on Tuesday. It made me cry.. and cry.. and weep.. and cry. I’m a sucker for animal books with not-quite-but-sort-of happy endings.

I’ve only completed 12 books so far… Ideally need to finish another 2-3 books by this time next week to stay on track. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll also update the clutter clearing situation at the weekend.
I’ve found many blogs (about 25) on frugal living/ de-cluttering/ downsizing and shall shortly make a complete list of the ones I’ve found most useful.

I found a brilliant idea somewhere of taking only those articles which are useful, and recycling the rest of the magazine. I started this last night have already gone through about a third of my magazine collection. It looked like this (ignore the background =P):

Autumn09 097

I’ve sorted myself out with a whiteboard style chart (a daily docket from for menu planning and to-do list (laminated two pieces of paper with sticky back plastic) and hope to at least start that habit once I’m cooking for myself. However, this was easier said than done, as my first attempt at laminating proved:

Laminating a Daily Docket

Laminating a Daily Docket

I’ve worked out my budget for the coming year at about £6,500. That’s bills, rent, food, drink, bus fares & presents; and that’s £541 a month.. In an ideal world I’d get that down to about £380.. I’ll have a clearer idea after a couple of months.

I’ve got plans for my altar, I have a list of items to take to University (part of simple living) & I’m hoping to take some time to exercise. I’ve a couple of tricks I learnt from last year about bulk cooking and storing, although this year I will actually have a shelf in the freezer. A whole shelf? Goodness, I’ve dreamed for so long… =P

I need some more smoothie recipes which I can use (I’m a fussy eater) but I’m sure after a few weeks I’ll have at least a couple I like from trial and error. Of the books I cleared out Monday, any that aren’t useful for the University societies I’m co-running this year, I’d love to participate in bookcrossing. I’ve not yet looked into it fully, but I believe the idea is to put a note in the book with it’s registration details and the link, leave it somewhere for someone to find and hope they go on the site (mentioned in the book cover), update it’s location and thus I can see how far it travels. It’s a wonderful way of sharing a book you love with others.

Speaking of books, there’s a specific points offer on my waterstone’s loyalty card this week, so while mum and I are in town tomorrow, I might browse for a couple of University-suggested course-related books. But we all know I’ll buy books from the spiritual/mind&spirit section regardless.

What are you doing this week?




  1. I went through my magazines a few weeks ago and did the same things but I didn’t have a Wychwood box to put them in. That’s assuming yours is empty 😉

    1. That box is full of stuff to take back to Uni; but ive got a spare ring binder to put the pages in 🙂

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