Hawks & Falcons

P Lanner 075

Lanner Falcon

 Spent the day at The Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover today, in celebration of my birthday; which occurs later this week. I’ve been many times before, but never taken my other half. Also, I was able to do some of their adult-only activities; such as flying a Harris hawk. I haven’t been for 4 or 5 years, and was under 18 during my last visit. They’ve changed some of the layout of the park, and some of my favourites have retired from the shows, but it was still amazing. Some of the replacements are quite interesting characters.  The Lanner Falcon, Brahminy Kite and Peregrine are my favourites, (due to their lack of a Merlin) and we saw all three species today.


Although difficult to get to via public transport, it’s one of my favourite places to visit and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in birds or wildlife – there’s a meadow of wild flowers which attract butterflies, include housing for small mammals such as field voles and mice, and if you like views of the countryside; you really can’t beat the view from the valley of the eagle. Other birds shown today include European Kestrel, European Buzzard, American Bald Eagle, five species of Vulture, polecats, ferrets, many owls, falcons, hawks, ducks and chickens.

Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite

They also house the only captive Bustards in Europe, as part of a programme to re-introduce them to the wild in the UK.


Having a lazy day tomorrow and then celebrating my birthday and my monthly anniversary with my husband with a trip to pizza hut. ^_^

My reading challenge shall be suspended this week; although my other half is slowly teaching me Biology so I’ll understand both the Brain and Behaviour module and Psychobiology class during the next academic year.


Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather.



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  1. How awesome, to have this type of resource available near you. Here across the puddle, there are not many “raptor” sites that are open to the public in such an interactive way… or at least not in my general area.
    My dad’s a huge Hawk/Eagle fan and would have discovered something like this long ago here. Instead, we emjoy the wildlife refuges where a good pair of binoculars are the best way to interact with such magnificent birds. 🙂

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