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It’s been a busy week. I had a day shadowing a forensic psychologist and a meeting with a clinical psychologist. The latter really worked on my fears and anxieties; so I’ve made a couple of moves. Applying for opportunities, emailing and working out some ways of connecting to the network of psychologists/social workers. Need to see if my steps pay off.

The statistics are against me. With 250 students doing my course; plus those doing Psychology with a Minor, and that’s just my year, at my University.. there are.. what; 50 odd university’s doing psychology degrees? 50 times 350 : me.  It’s competitive. If people in the year above spend 4 years gaining experience and me only three before we apply; I’ll be against them too – another 350 or so. The psychologist was clear and concise, giving a concise and detailed explanation of further training and daily life. However, by about ten minutes in; my hopes had fallen and my mind was just, losing clarity as I calculated the above problem.  The idea of 17,500 students? In my year alone? Let alone with those from other years; people in their third year or who’ve just graduated – That’s a possibility (and some-what realistic in the recession) of over 52,000 psychologists looking for training..

 To top it off; I’ve looked at three BPS courses at three Universities in the clinical area and discovered that in 2008, one took 14 students on, and another, only 19. If only a few institutions offer this course and each take less than 20 of the 17,500 students.. I have to be one of that 20…  and you don’t need to be good at maths to decide that even at best, 600 out of 17,500 is difficult odds; this is discounting every other year group.

It hit home.  –sigh-  I guess the bright side is that although these courses only take 20% odd of those who apply and over the entire country, only 600 people join a clinical course; (remember, 600 of a possible 50,000);


I’ve totally forgotten the bright side.. it’s gone. My last shred of sanity just fell asleep.

If you think Psychology is a good subject to do as an easy way out; you need your head examined. (pun intended)

Oh yes; only 35% of those students will go on to actually complete a BPS course (doesn’t mean more won’t be trying though…) if 35% of those people are the 20% who get accepted; that’s 6,125 people applying and just 600 getting through.  A ratio of 1:10. 

Not sure how the two sources got 20 and 35. The BPS said 20% of all who apply get in and Sussex said that 35% of their Psychology students get in. I’m fed up with maths – you can do it if you’re interested.
Okay, normal service shall now proceed for those lost amongst the maths.  All those figures are rough from the BPS and individual courses I’ve managed to find.


My 3-5 years of work experience after graduating likely won’t be paid – I’ll have to travel to find them (as I’m seeing even now) and I’ll likely be renting a place.. and this is before I start applying for the BPS course.

I’m going to be beyond the £23,000 debt to the government for my undergraduate degree. I dread the idea of living in a hut with cockroaches and working at Burger King to survive. =P 
At least medics (five year course – two years more than the average degree) get loans for the extra two years (years 4 and 5) and I believe a small salary for the 2 years supervised placement following those. (if this is incorrect, feel free to tell me so and i’ll make a formal apology and correct it).

So I’ve spent my evening looking for anything that will help, with my green tea growing cold and my timetable, curriculum vitae and diary in front of me. I won’t go into detail here until I’ve had some form of response; just in case I jeopardise myself.
I’m also being highly secretive about these facts amongst my peers. If even 5 people on my course knew and worked as hard as I will to “stand out” ready for application; I’d only have a chance of 1 of 15 rather than 1 of 20.  At numbers this small; I’m not taking the risk.  (if that’s too selfish, then I’m selfish.)


Okay, so not quite done with the numbers… Finished now; honest. Mini-drama over. It’s life, I’ll find something; and if I don’t I’ll survive until I do.

My reading’s taken a back-seat. Having said this, I’ve just 100 pages of City Dharma (4) left to complete, and I’m half way through The Sight (39).


I’m pondering entering a poetry competition too. Try to find a magazine which would publish poetry and let me win something. Even if it’s just something to say “I came third place in an online competition”. My 101 in 1001 days list clearly states “another poem published”.  We’ll see.


Think I’ve rambled enough for now. Any thoughts, advice, useful information or resources you’d like to suggest; please leave a comment.



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