Session Three

I’m nearly half way through my summer challenge – 6/13 weeks gone, and 10/25 books completed. Currently reading Change Your Life in 7 Days (27) by Paul McKenna. One of the questions in it really clicks with me and that’s “Who or what makes you feel happiest?” As soon as I start thinking of my family; comprised of my closest friends; I start to FEEL.

I feel the laughter rising through my heart to my throat and up to my mouth – where I smile. I feel the love and compassion, the struggles we’ve overcome as brothers and sisters. I feel the pride in them; in facing their fears, beating negative conditioning, and surviving abuse. My family are a foundation of strength. I had no idea humans could be so resilient and hearts could love so much. This one’s for my friends. Especially my two best friends; Kami and my husband.


Finished Tranquil thoughts on Friendship (52) by David Baird which have led to some interesting thoughts. As I read this book (52), I kept thinking of Marie. I’ve known her a couple of months, though she left University a month before me. I’ve found myself thinking “I should give this to ____” a couple of times this week (I switch between 5-6 books, reading a bit of each of them daily). Generally speaking, I don’t give things away for free; it has to be an occasion and even then, I have to balance out price with how close a friend they are… it’s a good but odd change to find myself willing to give for the pleasure of giving. Of showing that I value this friendship. Three books will be going to new homes so far, once I return to University. It does make me want to find more to give others.

My currently rotation of books reads:  How to Change your Life (27), The Consolations of Philosophy (44), City Dharma (4), The Wind is my Mother (7), Buddhism: plain and Simple (17), and The Sight (39). The latter is a work of fiction and prequel to Fell (40). I’ve read both books a couple of times before and thoroughly recommend them.

I also finished reading Student Survival Guide by Phil Chambers and Elaine Colliar. Phil’s my.. second or third cousin, and he gave me the book just before my GCSE’s. It’s basically a guide on how to revise in ways that help you remember things. It’s taken me 5 years to read, and I’ve yet to attempt the exercises, but it was an okay read. Useful (though some of the Psychology is outdated) for those who struggle with conventional memory methods.


In summary, I’ve completed ten books in 6 weeks, and my aim is 20-25 books in 13. I’d say I’m on track.



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  1. Wonderful progress, Rose! I must read your blog more often! Blessings!

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