Live Your Life

This is an idea taken from Summer over at Wired For Noise. She challenged bloggers to answer this question with pictures:

“If your life could be exactly the way you want it to be, what would it look like?”  

Right..  Here I go…

I guess I have to start with: Family. I want to be close to my family. This includes my closest friends, who are my family.

Weald 054

SumSol09 311


I want to share with this family, herbs and magic, nature and love with a big garden for growing our own food in. Somewhere beautiful. Close to the sea or a river. To learn and grow, to play with the kids and explore with creativity.

SumSol09 270

Weald 046


I’d treasure a chance to live with my husband for a change. Not to be separated by 70 miles and train changes.FC6Summer 076


And I’d love to be near a place where I could continually learn and evolve. Where I could take those courses in Creative Writing, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Art, Physics and English Language as well as attend Pagan Festivals, Druid Groves, Buddhist Centres and Wiccan Circles.

SunRise 092Ramble09 073


 How about you?

“Write your own post and share the link here (note: add a link to the individual post, not your main blog). Then spread this around, ask other people, encourage the ones that you love to think about it.” ~Summer.

If you could plan how your life would be, what would you have/do/say?




  1. I’m so glad you answered this! I think it really helps a lot to get what we want once we know exactly what it is that we want. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful, treasured answer!
    And because you set it free to the universe, it shall
    be answered. Your life is beautifully mapped out,
    and what you desire will be yours. I always love visiting you!
    Did you try any of the boot camp ideas?

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