Session Two

bookshelfI’d written yet another post (a very long one at that), focusing on the same issues I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts, mainly my lack of congruence. It’s like I’m trying to be ever-more clear each time I write them out; as if suddenly you’ll all understand and comment; this being the easy (and unrealistic) solution I hope for.

I’ve decided to ditch the post; to stop reinforcing the labels behind them. So; I figured I should write a post about my reading challenge. I think my last update was two weeks ago today; and was sort of two weeks from the beginning of the challenge.
So; I’ve technically had 4/13 weeks  to read, and I’ve completed 6 of my 53 books… I’m determined that I can raise that to 8 finished books by Tuesday 3rd August.

I can’t seem to stop buying new books or finding more to add to the list, but never mind. I’m still only aiming for 25 and might even lower it to 20 now I have a job that will take up around 13 hours a week (16 this week, including travelling time).

I’m over halfway through The Celestine Prophecy (1) by James Redfield and today found myself re-starting Reinvent Yourself (8) by Fiona Harrold. I’m over half way through it now and have over 4 A4 pages of writing from the exercises used to get everything clear in your mind.

Yesterday, I used my staff discount to buy Chicken Soup for the Soul (50) (mentioned in The Secret, if you’ve seen/read it). So I’m adding that to my list (see the tab Summer Challenge at the top right-hand side of this page). I also completed The Bell Jar (47) over the course of 2 days.

Looking forward to Lammas; not 100% sure what I’ll do for it, but it’ll likely be something short and simple, as I can’t guarantee even half an hour where I won’t be disturbed. I’m starting to really get down about missing the Anderida Gorsedd ritual on Sunday; but it wouldn’t be practical to get there, nor would my parents like me missing roast dinner and coming home after 8pm, alone (it would likely be past 9pm before I arrived at the station).

I’ll put up some form of post about what I get up to; however small.

Stars Bless,



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