Purple Turtles

-sigh- It’s a wonderful day outside. I’m listening to a happy song, my beautiful best friend over in the US graduated yesterday; I’m on my forth glass of rosé wine. Everything’s pretty good. Leave for Ireland in just under a week. Moved out of University accommodation yesterday; my room’s covered in boxes and stuff. I wish I had less stuff – it’s all got these sentimental meaning or is impractical to give/throw away/recycle.  But I’ve not much room.

My last night as a fresher was wonderful. I had my last exam, had dinner and we went out to a club in Brighton we’d not been to. I came back and my friend S was waiting outside my door. We lay on my bed and fell asleep there and he left after 1pm. I haven’t had a friend to sleep over in years and it was nice to just chat with him. Won’t see him, Marie or Yana until September and that makes me a little sad.

But I’ve planned some paintings, and you should see my booklist! I’m sure I’ve only half of it written out so far; but I’ll add to it over the next couple of weeks. =) It’s mainly books I’ve started, but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet. This is it so far:

  1. Celestine Prophecy
  2. An Enchanted Life
  3. The Kingdom of Infinite Space: a fantastical journey around your head
  4. City Dharma
  5. Bushido: The Way of the Samurai
  6. The Big Book of Me
  7. The Wind is my Mother
  8. Reinvent Yourself: 7 steps to a fresh new you
  9. Heaven’s Net is Wide
  10. Oath Breaker
  11. The Biology of Belief
  12. Neuro-linguist Programming for Dummies
  13. The Field
  14. The Secret
  15. Hunter’s Moon
  16. Nothing Special: Living Zen
  17. Buddhism: plain and simple
  18. Living Paganism: an advanced guide for the solitary practitioner
  19. The Black Stallion Mystery
  20. The Te of Piglet
  21. Cognition
  22. A Woman’s Guide to the Earth Traditions
  23. True Magick
  24. Soul Secrets
  25. Happiness: a 30-day guide that will last you a lifetime
  26. Soul Signs
  27. Change Your Life in 7 Days
  28. The Wind Singer
  29. The Tibetan Art of Serenity
  30. Wild Magic (Immortals)
  31. Wolf Speaker (Immortals)
  32. Emperor Mage (Immortals)
  33. The Realms of the Gods (Immortals)
  34. A Short History of Nearly Everything
  35. Natural Witchcraft
  36. The Real Witches Handbook (Kate West)
  37. Psycholinguistics: A resource book for students
  38. The Spiral Dance
  39. Fell
  40. Becoming the Enchanter
  41. Silverwing
  42. Sunwing
  43. Firewing
  44. The Consolations of Philosophy
  45. Endless Path: Buddhism
  46. Enchanted

Geeze. That’s a lot of books.. And I don’t think it’s complete yet.. I guess it shows some themes, eh? Fantasy, Animals, Physics, Psychology, Biology, Self-Help, Self-sufficiency and Alternative Religion (Paganism/Buddhism).  I hadn’t quite realised there were so many.. Some were gifts (no. 27, for eg). The one’s I’ve started but never finished I think are probably a main reason I managed to recover from my clinical depression so well. They put me in touch with that hope I couldn’t always reach.  =P well.. that’s a lot to read but 2.5 months is a lot of time.  Though a week of that will be taken to find homes for the contents of these boxes and pack and then a week will be spent in Ireland.. I’m meant to be finding a job; but due to the economic status; we’ll have to see. I’ve got work experience at a prison for a day;; hoping to try and get a second day with that too.

I also want to read Edgar Allan Poe’s prose work: Eureka. It’s nearly 40,000 words long, I believe and I’ve barely read the first 4-5 lines; but found them poetic enough. It was mentioned in the Physics elective I took during Spring and Summer and after reading those couple of lines I knew I’d have to give it my full attention.

Once I’ve finished perhaps.. 10 of those works mentioned above, I hope to find a copy of the Mists of Avalon and read that. I also intend to read the sequels to Celestine Prophecy. I believe one’s called “The Tenth Insight”?  I couldn’t be bothered to write every author out; but feel free to leave a comment asking for any of the authors or if you think you’ve read any of these, let me know how you found them.

I’ve been in a creative mood lately – two finished watercolours, I’ve made a new necklace from two broken ones and mended a skirt. I’m trying to clear some ‘stuff’ so I can live that vision I once had; which I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

It’s hard to let go of things I’ve grown up with though. A party of me wishes I’d been brought up more like my husband. With the minimal.

Having said that, he has a PS2 and I’ve never had a gameboy; but on the other hand, I’ve a tv, cd player/radio/cassette player, pc and laptop in my room now and been offered the freeview box. –sigh-.
A self-sufficient, sustainable life is miles away but dammit; I’m aiming for it regardless.

Speaking of sustainability, that reminds me of authenticity. I need a nickname for a new friend, S. Something tells me, he’s going to be an important person in my life. We met a few weeks back and we were attracted to the fact that we both seem some-what authentic in this society of media-driven, make-up hidden people.

While clearing space in my room, I found these magnetic earrings and I’ve been wearing them all day to get used to idea of having pierced ears. They make me feel free. That kind of hippy-gypsy feeling I love. They make me feel authentic. I guess, simply put. They make me smile.

Home 014
And that’s all that matters.

Stars Above,

P.S.  Oh, and if I had to sum up my first year of university in one song that reminds me of the experience, it’d be this one:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLYD_-A_X5E&feature=player_embedded


One comment

  1. that “5 years time” song jsut totally made my day. Thanks. It’s scary-catchy enough to be stuck in my head tonight too while trying to sleep. 🙂

    I know what you mean about feeling authentic. Wear those purple turtles with pride and joy. It’s those little quirks that make us Real and magical.
    Enjoy the summer holidays!

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