Alban Hefin

Today I went to the Anderida Gorsedd Open Druid Ritual. I’ve never been on my own, and only been once before. I dislike public transport and had to change trains and switch to bus, before meeting people I didn’t know/only barely recognised.

I had the most fantastic time. I’m feeling courageous. I saw quite a few rabbits on the journey; which are a symbol of facing fears. Walked over to a group I vaguely recognised from the Beltain celebration and we walked up together. It was so nice to feel included.
I thought that this circle would be a little less light due to the lack of sexual puns (not being a fertility ritual) but even then, I was wrong.

SumSol09 370

 It’s the Summer Solstice. It’s been a fabulous year. Coming to Sussex has been an adventure and a half.  When I thought of the wondrous atmosphere at campus and decided I had to be a part of that energy, I never thought I’d find myself as a student of Dahm the Bard; of Druidry; Never saw myself attending rituals alone.  Even though he doesn’t teach us as such; I learn so much from these. My main lesson has been that these are people too. They struggle through cancer and deaths, wounds and lay-offs. They’re humans, full of feeling and creativity.

 One day I hope to be able to have the courage to sing in the Eistfordd; but one step at a time. I’ve planned the song but need to learn the words and find my strength first. My next open ritual will likely be 20th September, which makes me sad. I’ve no idea how I felt so connected before. But I look forward to it and know I have nothing to be afraid of there. I’m safe and strong. 

SumSol09 375

I’m Connected, to this family of friends, sharing their paths with mine.

Blessed Solstice.

~Celestial Rose.

 *~* Alban Hefin – the Druid festival of the Summer Solstice, loosely translated as ‘The Light of the Shore’.
 *~* Eisteddfod (plural Eisteddfodau)– A Bardic festival and competition of the performing arts, from the Welsh, meaning ‘a session or assembly’. Usually opened with a Druid ceremony


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