Today I’m celebrating the 5 years anniversary of my Pagan Path. It’s been 5 years to this day since my dedication to the God and Goddess in pursuit of the Earth Traditions. So far I’ve eaten junk for breakfast, meditated, danced, voted and bought a pint of milk. =P

Before meditation, I went to a University event hosted by a couple of my housemates called a Swish-Swap. The idea is to bring clothes you don’t want or need, place them on the table for others to take, and then take anything you like from the tables. I took a skirt that no longer fit me, and came out with a nice multi-coloured, tie dye, zip-up hoody with suns and snowflake symbols on it, a headband with stars and a new belt.

Today in meditation, we did the exercise, like most weeks, to get into our body; Do’ing (pronounced ‘doe-ing’) indoors and then moved outside to under a few trees. I leant my zip-up hoody to Karasu, and we just sat on the earth. That was the loose focus. It was so amazing to just feel the earth; the grass and even the insects crawling over my bare feet. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week discovering bare feet in fields. I think it’s wonderful.

The focus then moved to breath. Usually, I find this very difficult; but today I think I was really in the spirit. We then chatted about it, before commencing a final exercise.

The three methods were to:

  • Look back on yourself at a younger age,
  • Look at yourself now through the eyes of a close friend
  • Look back from an older self to you now.

Everyone else in our circle chose the former, including Karasu; while I chose the latter. I was told by myself (about 25/30 year old) that I was doing the right thing and I would get to my goal. To trust that it will all go well and that I’m on the right path.

After talking to ourselves and feeling emotions for that younger person/you from whichever perspective we chose; we were instructed to unhook any positive emotions felt and bring them back to the us now, feeling those emotions for us now, from us now.

Others in the circle had the same troubles I did only a few months ago. And I still get days where I struggle; but today I was in tune and found it easier.

I’m going to try this a few times on my own in the next week, if I can. Wish me luck =P



  1. good luck! Sounds like a great meditation/grounding experience (pun about grounding/earth not quite intended).

  2. Congratulations! 🙂 After 5 years do you truly feel you’ve found the right path or are you tweeking for a new spiritual experience?

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