Honey & Restlessness

I’ve just cut myself. The handle of my mug broke into 4 different pieces and one left a nice bit of itself embedded in my finger. So I used warm water, mouthwash (don’t own disinfectant) and then put honey on it instead of a plaster. I love doing things like this. I feel very authentic when I use natural remedies and use them for practicality.

 Similarly, I would have been pretty upset about having to throw out that mug, and if the handle just fallen off in one piece, I’d likely have tried to cling to it, to stick it back together. I guess it’s showing some progress that I’m not quite so attached to some of my material things now.

 I’d like to point a link to Field Of Tansy, where I learnt about this remedy and many other uses for honey.

 “When treating a deep wound, there is no need to clean the site first as the honey will pull the debris out, remove the necroses from the site, heal the skin from the inside out and offer some pain relief.” ~ Field of Tansy – Honey

On a separate note – Over the last couple of months I’ve been feeling a horrific sense of restlessness. I used to be able to spend a full day reading blogs, reading, singing and just wasting spending time.  Recently, I’ve been overcome with a restless sense of uncomfortability/uncomfortableness (dictionary.com tells me the latter is a correct term). I can’t sit still and just read. I need to have a movie on. It’s almost like I feel I have to engage all of my senses at once; to make sure they’re all busy. I wonder if there’s something I’m trying to hide from. Perhaps my over-thinking mind had a thought I don’t want to face.

 I’m constantly fidgeting in my seat. I’ve been getting erratic knee pain (which is now officially chronic) since January. At first it was just one knee, but now it switches randomly, which makes me wonder if it’s psychosomatic.

 I’m struggling against wants and wishes. I want to do yoga and meditate, to read all day and be healthy: To eat balanced meals and sit up straight in my chair. But when it comes to the opportunities of doing that, I run and hide. I open those super noodles or think I’ll do some stretches later.

 I often eat when I’m not hungry, because it takes over my senses and gives me something to do. And when a bar of chocolate is the choice, I can’t even think of a reason why not to eat it. I’m not hungry? What’s that got to do with it? It’s a short-lived pleasure, and in times of restlessness and the discomfort; it brings escape from something that makes me annoyed and irritable.

 I don’t think the heat helps. Perhaps that’s what I’m attempting to avoid. When I stop and ~be~, it’s all odd and hot and sticky and my neck and back hurt and I’m aware of my knee pain again. I used to escape into books the way my S.O. escapes into his games and movies.

 Has anyone else been finding this or have any suggestions to making awareness easier?

 Stars Above,


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