The Flower Moon 2009

I’m not sure how much of this I feel comfortable sharing online, but I want to write a post about this Esbat.
Last night, I played the role of the High Priestess in a circle of more than just myself. Myself and a male Pagan went to the woods near my University and did a small ritual to honour the Lady, setting up the alter just as the evening sun had set.

Walking across the fields to get to the forest

I think it went well. We cast our circle on a path through the woods as it was the only flat space around and would enable us to get out of the woods after dark.
We were a bit worried some of the voices would come our way (there was a party or something which we could hear). We wouldn’t mind people asking, but it’s not something to be done during ritual. I doubt anyone would see our circle with our candles and hear us calling the elements or see our tarot cards or my runes and NOT ask questions.
I’d never used elementals in my casting, so it was a learning experience for me in more than one way.

I really want to practise like this more often, but I’ve a couple of blocks that may stop that. I hope I can find ways around them, but if not, I’ll accept it’s likely just not the right time. I’ve been a solitary witch for so long, and felt nothing magically special in the times with the two groups I’ve worked with. But with Emerald and myself as HP and HPS last night, I heard things. We sensed things. I think I’d do a lot to spend a couple of days in his company in a forest; To learn from him. He’s acted as HP once or twice before, but with a group and with a teaching, initiated HPS. It was wonderful to explore these two roles without any particular tradition directing us. (I don’t have a problem with that idea, it was just nice to explore the absence of this for this one ritual).
But some of those skills he has, I used to have honed myself. I know I could develop them on my own. But the idea is so much more appealing with another who senses as I did.

It was a light hearted circle. Neither of us have much experience with ritual, though I did my first almost 5 years ago, and he’s receiving training from a Wiccan High Priestess, so the pressure of judgement was completely off. It was wonderful to explore the circle together, switching roles and comparing styles. We’re also around the same age, meaning we could laugh and joke about being Witches in these modern times and in this town, about what would happen if we were discovered with our candles and incense, deep in the forest under Her faithful orange gaze.

One of the things we were both aware of, were the call/s of an owl or a couple of owls.
Birds of prey were the first symbols for me. The owl was the first symbol I came across in my path, before my other three became clear to me. Adding that presence to the things I experienced within the circle, it just seems too much of a signal for me to ignore.

I’ve got exams coming up in less than a month, and about 6,000 words to write for various essays and lab reports due in a couple of weeks. I desperately don’t want to lose this community or practise but I’ve a fear it may come to another hiatus.
If any of you have advice for simple connection or practise or spare energy, I’d be very grateful to hear about it/receive some of it.
Moon Bless.



  1. Hi

    Thanks for taking the trouble to give info as to embedding YouTube videos on my blog. Will have to check that out later.

    I’ve been scanning through your blog – and note your comments that you’d like more readers. May I be so bold as to make a suggestion or two? (Do feel free to ignore if you wish….) – you make the comment several times that you are wondering if people find your blog a bit “disjointed”. I wouldnt say so for the posts themselves – but I think it would be useful to have a more “consistent” typeface used for your posts – I’m finding the changing typefaces a bit “awkward” myself. Others may disagree with me on that – but – to me – some of the typefaces used are very small and a bit of a “struggle” to read them as a consequence. But – as I said – feel free to ignore me if you like changing them around.

    Good idea to have photos – I dont have a camera of any description myself and I’m not a photographer. Being pretty non pc-literate myself – is the reason why I dont do anything visual on my blog – I guess my blog would be rather more interesting (and certainly more visually appealing) if I was pc-literate enough to do that. I see you have added a photo – so I guess that makes you more pc-literate than me – so it always looks good to have a reasonable number of decent photos on a blog. You might like to check out a couple of the blogs on my blogroll to see what you think – as some of them are pretty “visual” (Somerset Seasons for instance).



  2. Hmmm one simple practice is a “home spot” somewhere you sit and use all your senses every morning or evening, I may need to do a post on this 😀

  3. Hi

    Saw your comment back on my blog. Re photos – it doesnt have to be photos of your good self. …I understand concerns about anonymity – I have them too.

    I was meaning photos of things like natural countryside scenes you have visited and suchlike. People do all sorts of photos on their blogs – countryside/their garden/their pets/even the meals they eat…it could be anything that appeals to you visually.


  4. hi rose! congratulations, you won the dandelion pendant at herbal roots! please email me your address so i can get it in the mail to you. 🙂


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