If Wishes Were Pennies…

I’ve just come across an interesting article. It’s based around the idea of living SIMPLE. I saw the first three sub-titles of eat simple, and shop simple etc and said: “I want to FEEL Simple. To Feel simply.”

I’ve read on further now, and it’s no. 8 on the list. And boy do I need to get into the habit of no. 17.

Whenever I read her blog, I find that I already know almost everything it says. But I don’t USE it. I don’t know how to implement it into my life. Integrate the quiet and complain free into a house of 12 teenagers I live with.

Not an excuse, but a reason for why I struggle.


 “When you adopt obsession, you require hard hits of big things to wake up the you that has become numb. It’s as if food has to be spicier, saltier, and fattier. Music has to be louder and faster. Moments need to be “events” to get you to notice them. It takes more flash to feel good. It takes more bling to be present.” ~ Christine Kane.


I feel as if I know that so well.

My tea is a good example I’ve just thought of. I’m now drinking a ‘green tea with mint’ infusion. It made me roll my eyes in pleasure, because I haven’t had it in over 3 weeks now, and the taste is refreshing. While reading about delight in this post by Christine, I felt the taste and the delight in that first sip of tea, and once more, remembered that this was delight in the present moment. During the next paragraph of reading, I appear to have eaten the last of the two Jaffa Cakes I brought up with me without noticing, even though I’m not hungry. Case in point, I think.


I’m suddenly wondering if the reason I don’t have any readers is because I’m lacking in cohesion within my posts. I write as I feel. I tell you I’m having another sip of tea or I’m about to go out, and pick up the post on a totally different topic. I started this one, for example, about Irish dreams and how I’m struggling with who I’ve become over the years. Here I am, discussing how tea beats Jaffa cakes. I’m not sure if I may even omit some of this post and then it will be lacking even more flow.

Any tips?


And having read up on the Whine-Free Diet again, I just COMPLAINED about my lack of cohesion? –sigh-

Send me the complaint-free contract, Quick.


My steps for the next 4 weeks:

* Open the window for ten minutes a day and just breathe. Watch. Listen.

* No Whine Diet

* Drink more tea and let the first 3 sips be silent. Breathe and smile as I take the first three sips (That’s about 5-6 cups of herbal tea a day)

* Do some form of expression twice a week: Bellydance, ritual, prayer, meditation, art, blog posts and poetry all included.

* Read a book for at least 30 minutes a day.

* Sing

* Leave the house at least once every other weekend.

* GRATITUDE, Rose! – I had this one sorted for a good few weeks. Get out that journal and get back to work, Rose!

* 7 items for my gratitude list per day.

Any form of encouragement, ideas for other steps, books to read on it, a schedule or energising words or motivation would be much appreciated. I feel inspired on days like this and by 3 days I’ve lost it. I’ve either obsessed over one part of my life, so I’m out of balance, or I take on too much, trying to keep each section of my life in balance and barely manage to finish my projects so I feel I’ve not achieved anything.

I’m thinking of writing a little mantra, but I’ve no idea what to say write now. So far I’m stuck with something like:

“I Love This” or “That’s Enough Eeyore!” or even “Is this true?”

But then there’s something I read earlier  which I might try:

I’m so grateful that  “I have a big glittery fish!”


What are your best mantras for self-improvement/facing fears/breaking negative patterns/doing your homework on time??


Stars Above,

~Celestial Rose.



  1. …we would all be gazillionaires! (to finish your subject) *smile*
    Hmm, there are thought I had when reading this, but hard to find the right words, so I’ll pick apart segments of your post. Hopefully you don’t mind…

    Actually acting on the changes to one’s lifestyle are HARD, trust me. I’m 34 and still reading things like the Simplicity concept with awe about how I agree, yet can’t quite get around to Doing certain things. The trick is to just do what comes naturally, and build it up over time. It’s too often said, those “little steps adding up” but it is true. Looking back over the 10 years since I moved to this farmhouse from the city, it’s amazing how different I act, but there’s no one weekened where I said “Hey, I’m changing”. We jsut did little things here and there, and let each one ‘stick’ for a while before adding something else. The important thing that you are already ahead with is Stopping to consider the changes and thoughts. It’s a huge first step that not everyone makes right away. Keep that chin up. 🙂

    Another thing is to realize we are individuals, and some things I tried just didn’t work out. As much as we may want a fruit tree in our house for local healthy snacks, my climate and tiny low-light room doesn’t support it. C’est la vie!

    I love tea. My friends roll their eyes at my appreciation and growing collection of odd teas and yard-picked tisanes.

    As for your writing and readership, my own blog has about 4 people that read it (according to Google analytics). and I’ve been writing for around two years now. The trick is write what YOU want, and allow your voice to express itself however it wants. Unless your blog is intended to be something specific, like an educational lesson-plan, a collection of your favorite recipes, or something else, I believe your goal in blogging is to write down Celestial Veracity’s view on life”. *grin* This means your views, your life, and your topics of interest. Write whatever you feel like, and don’t force it. I’ve gotten more confident in my own blogging after I realized I was not writing For my readers, but instead making a place for my own thoughts. If people read it, they will. If no one does, I still write and archive my posts for future nostalgia to re-read them years from now.

    I like the idea of a 6-word blog, and have seen a few examples out there across the Web. One I know of is http://sixwordblog.blogspot.com/
    They can be a great way to focus on one part of the day/week/hour and gain some insightful meditation practice trying to convey your message in 6 words. 🙂 Go for it, even if it’s only on paper and not online.

    Hmm, (almost done here *grin*) As for a mantra for change, homework, and the like, I didn’t have one in my own university-years (which I spent totally bombing classes and playing computer games and teaching myself programming-languages to make my own computer games, thus failing sophomore year)…
    For my life today, it is probably something like “You know, today’s not that bad, and I’m enjoying life”. It does not feel entirely true every day, but it is generally accurate and picks me up when I’m having a bad day.

  2. whew, sorry for being so wordy there. I felt inspired today too.

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