Summer Term Goals

 It’s interesting that although not much is going on in my life, and I’m barely busy, I’ve got a lot at least planned. And an apology to any readers I may have out there; this is, as a lot of my posts can be, a little disjointed. I’m wanting to attract more readers, and since the only way I know of readers is comments, I guess I’m hoping for more comments. So hoping I can find a way to write more often.

 Events/goals coming up:

* I’m meeting up with the District Manager for the Pagan Federation of Brighton, likely in the first or second week of term.

* I’m not to miss a single session of Buddhism, unless I’m properly ill with something I could pass on to other people, or I’m doing something spiritual like casting circle, or going to a meet-up or moot.

* I’m to keep up some practise at circus, though I’ve got to be careful with my knees and back/neck.

* I want to get into a habit of an hour a week of reading and an hour of listening to a Pagan Podcast a week.

* I’m back onto a forum I was a member of back in 2005, and I’d like to spend a bit of time there.

* First exam’s on 11th June.

Signs appear to suggest that rebuilding is in order. Pluto turning into retrograde, Psychologies magazine also has a section on how to reinvent yourself.

 At the moment, I’m listening to Darklyfey over at the Dark Side Of Fey. I’m a little behind with my podcasts, and I’m listening to episode 25, about experiencing deity. I’m about to drink “DECAF” green tea…   I’m sure half the point of green tea is that it’s naturally decaffeinated; but it was a free sample tea bag so, can’t complain. Going to see if I can find any difference. =P

And the verdict…   Nope.  Hehe. Ooh.. hang on. Hmm.. Aftertaste’s a little different I guess, but barely noticeable.

I’ve tried to listen to this episode before, but noise and people and ..-sigh- life, sometimes breaks into my podcast time. I’m planning to listen to episode 26 tomorrow while I’m tidying, cleaning and cleansing my room.

Frugal Update:

I gained 6 items in yesterdays shop, including a replacement pair of white trousers and a shirt for smart wear. Today, I’ve made a pile of 19 items for the next charity bag that comes through our door. I’ll do the same in Summer and hopefully, I’ll be able to halve my wardrobe in three years or so.

 Lately I’ve been feeling a need to write, but as you can see, everything’s disjointed and a bit, bedraggled.

Since I found Autumn term fulfilling and seemed better able to deal with the distance of my other half, but found it difficult in Spring when I didn’t go to meditation or circus much, I’ve decided that this term I’ll try to attend as many activities as I can. Cirus and Meditation, meeting a pagan federation member, going to my first gig and playing magic (a card game). Those are the planned activities, anyway.

I’ll try to let you know on a weekly basis how things are going.

Please feel free to leave a comment, even if it’s just to say  “I read this, check out my own blog” or tell me about yourself; especially if you don’t have a blog of your own.

Stars Above,
~Celestial Rose.


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