21 Things I Do That Save Me: Money, Time, Effort


1.       I cook 3 meals worth of pasta at once.

2.     I hand-wash /line dry my clothes.

3.     I don’t have a car.

4.     I use the Lemon Bus, which runs on used chip fat oil.

5.     I only go to the store 2-3 times every 10-week-term.  Everything else is bought form the co-op, which I can walk to.

6.     I buy things on sale or in charity shops.

7.     My rent’s taken out of my account automatically. = never late/obverdraft.

8.     I use BBC I Player as it saves me money on a TV license and will save me money on electricity (it’s included in the rent atm)

9.     I meal plan, but not obsessively and we eat a lot of vegetarian meals..

10.  I keep a budget, although I’ll spend recklessly one week I’ll make sure it balances out to an average that’s under my set budget. E.G. I’ll spent £50 one week but by adding up all the money spent, dividing it by how many weeks, it’s still under £25.

11.   I use a laptop rather than a desktop computer; it uses less energy.

12.  I don’t go out to or rent movies.

13.  I recycle paper and cardboard.

14.  I take food and drink (nettle tea in a thermos at times) to lectures to save money and the environment.

15.  I cut my own hair.

16.  I’m learning to knit so I’ll be able to make my own scarves and hats eventually.

17.  I use a Pay and Go tariff which means I only spend £10 every 3 months on topping up credit.

18.  I don’t buy cards for Yule/Christmas or Birthdays.

19.  I use eco-friendly liquid wash.

20.We buy in bulk.

21.  I use cans of sweetcorn and press-ups for exercise instead of free weights or the gym.


What do you do? What could I do to add to this even though I’m living in shared and rented accomodation on campus where we only have Co-Op shops? Any ideas on saving money while out with housemates?


One comment

  1. Nothing jumps out off the top of my head for other suggestions, though, since you have the basics, and more, already covered from what I remember of my university house-sharing days. Kudos!
    I suppose getting a big stack of cloth napkins (like the fancy restaurants use) to replace any paper towels is a long-term penny-saving move, since they cna be tossed in with laundry to clean, and use less net energy to manufacture/clean than disposable paper ones do.
    Otherwise, great job so far!!

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