Happy New Year; one and all.


I took off that old piece of wool and cast-on as shown tonight; I then had to look at some videos on youtube to get the stitching right. I could cast on fine and could knit something half finished – but that second row always ended with me ripping all the loops off my needle to end up with my long straight piece of yarn. I’m using a hideous colour yarn (in my opinion) because it’s what I was given when I started to learn this.  I started with 27 stitches and somehow, here on row 7 (and hour and a half later, I might add – 6 rows later) I’ve got 34 per row… =P knitting09-0151

I think I like it. I’ve plans for a scarf once I’m confident I can knit fully and have the full hang of it, I know the colour and type of yarn I want (though I need to find it’s name). It’s one of those threads with little tiny threads of varying huges coming off – every cm or so you’ve got 3-4 bits of tiny cotton thin string off your main yarn… Wispy; but not feather. Any ideas? =S


AHAR! Found the jumper my grandmother knitted me out of the type of yarn I want. –takes some photos- 



Any ideas anyone? 


And I’m now about.. 15 rows in. I’m averaging a row per 8 minutes; but then again; I now have 40 stitches per row >_>. –sigh-. My needles are thin – I’ve no idea of the number – they’re metallic bluueee. ^_^ But very sharp and I find my finger hurts a lot after a single row.


Anyway- we’ll see how it goes. 

And this is just ADORABLE:    I think you should look at the pictures of this =P

On a separate note; I’m visiting to the Science Museum and Natural History Museum tomorrow. ❤

Stars Above,


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  1. Not sure about eht yarn, since I don’t knit, but I believe it may be called “Eyelash Yarn”. It has, as you describe, little threads off the main yarn every cm or so. The colours are many and varied, but those pictures you have look a lot like an “Eyelash yarn scarf” that someone in my family received for a gift once.

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