I did a lot last night. I think I’m finally getting the hang of hand washing. Nothing shrunk or stretched, no colours ran and my socks are almost soft, instead of the usual cardboard texture.

November is almost over. November’s difficult every year, this year was no exception. I didn’t even remember it was November and November = negative experiences; so I don’t think it’s psychosomatic.

But yes, almost over and hopefully my partner and I can find that wonderful bliss we had a few weeks back – not even a disagreement, let alone an argument.

I’m on my self-sufficiency/health obsession again, which I generally enjoy. I want fresh vegetables and fruits, reusable sanitary towels, to hand wash all my clothes and drink more herbal tea while eating less chocolate/sugar.

At circus society we’ve got a mat and have been learning some basic gymnastics. I did four assisted back-flips on Wednesday. I can’t try the supported no handed cartwheel because I need run ups for cartwheels; so that’s my goal for January. I want to get back to toning up my arm muscles and am doing exercises to do so.

As for Buddhist meditation and Mindfulness, we’re still looking at the four seals of Dharma, and I’m enjoying each session.

Key points included –

* The Mind “appears” but does not exist.

* The observee can be highly affected by an observer (ie Schrodingers cat in box – state is fixed once observed).

* Everything is either energy or information.
* Arranging flowers in Japan – where it’s not how the flowers look that matters, but the space around them.

* Language is imperfect like photos – that is an interpretation of me in that time but I’m no longer the person I was 5 second ago.

* The menu does not equal the meal.



I’ve found a couple of interesting blogs I hope to start following again. One about self-sufficiency, one about bringing the magic to the mundane and another about a couple who have recently married. I just need to stay focused and motivated.

I also want to get back to my gratitude practises. My gratitute rock’s at home, not here at University with me, but I can still make lists and such. Might think about making a vision board too.


Stars Above,

Celestial Rose


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  1. Congrats on laundry! My first year in University, I specificaly got a wardrobe of “casual/loose” clothes since I inevitably shrank some of them into still-wearable sizes. 🙂
    Hope the rest of your year (now that Niovember is over) is full of holiday blessings and cheer.

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