“Very Light Touch”


“Very Light Touch”

I meant to update 2 weeks ago but, for various reasons didn’t. As a consequence, I’m editing out certain parts of this , so it won’t flow as it originally did; but I hope it will still make some measure of sense.


During the journey of experiencing and exploring Pagan paths, I’ve come across Taoism a few times, and have recently stopped to take this detour, to enjoy the view and explore a little more of it’s past and present values. Straying from the path set to climb the trees and smell the flowers; to gaze in child-like wonder as butterflies flutter on a feather-weight breeze.

In light of recent events, I have turned to its knowledge for support, for answers to questions that have yet to exist, and I find a comfort in knowledge that I can stay here, exploring the dirt track full of excitement and serenity for as long as I wish to. And if this path is walked so much, perhaps it will be a new path forged in my travel of self-discovery, ready for me to follow before another detour catches my eye.

Having employed the use of the skill of silence to avoid a confrontation I would usually have helped to initiate, I feel accomplished, and free from needing to tell someone the truth. Perhaps if it becomes a reoccurring event, I will speak up, but until then, I’m happy to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


I’ve found, with various examples in the last few months, that the inconveniences (as they may originally seem to appear) provided by the higher power are once again, spot on. I have a lot of these moments in my life; where everything just slots into place in my understanding once I’ve accepted a situation. I’ll auto-think “there’s no way I could have got where I am without those little hints and tips, those clashes or trials.”

To an atheist, such as my husband, perhaps those moments are common sense or intuition, instinct or even just a game of chance; often dependant on the individuals beliefs of fate. Being a theist, I don’t know how true that is or how they would describe these events. Personally, I believe that believing in fate is a form of higher power; of trust in an unknown controller. I accept all of these as other versions of the truth and support those who live by those beliefs.


Regarding fate, I believe in a few key lessons which are planned for us (perhaps even by us before out reincarnation), but we determine how we learn them, what extras we may learn, and when we’ll be given those opportunities just by making our every-day choices.


But going back to my original point, though I believe in a higher power, I believe in it as a form of guide. A hand to point us in the right direction. It’s then up to us to notice or ignore that hint. We have control over our own destiny and can do amazing things; even healing ourselves of the toughest illnesses like cancer without conventional medicine. We have a lot of amazing opportunities here on earth and I don’t plan on missing any of them.


It’s been highly interesting to experience Buddhist meditation and Mindfulness, where the being in the present moment is brought about by curiosity; and in Taoism, we are… not discouraged but, it’s not as important to the Taoist practise, from what I have understood, to ask questions; since answers rarely .. exist.


I’ve been so energised today. No idea why. I did my core reading and I think I was just in scholar mode. I felt like I was learning and although mostly history and words from sociology which I didn’t know.. It was, scarily, almost interesting. I felt like it made sense in some parts. Which made me smile.

Meditation was good again – we sat and discussed the first two of the four seals of dharma.

We looked at impermanence and all emotion being suffering. During the beginning and ending meditations, he uses the phrase “very light touch” to describe how we could monitor our thoughts/breathing/what we can hear…


“We are deafened by concepts” ~ I found this to be a very accurate representation of things as we know them when it comes to discussions in spiritual discussions..  Most things are expressed via the form of metaphors which can lead to other metaphors and we just become lost in the abstract.


I’m learning. Learning.


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