Taoist Approach





I’m struggling with a guy who’s in the same house as me at my University accommodation – just found out he’s been telling everyone that I have it out for him or something. I’m reading and re-reading my little notepad so much.


Let me briefly explain – it’s a little, 34p notepad and inside I’ve written my favourite quotes from the Wiccan rede and a book called “Zen Therapy” by Robert Milton Anthony, and the book “the Tao Of Pooh” (based on Winnie the Pooh).

It has quotes to try and keep me calm, centred and just… in the moment. I’ve had to use it a lot more frequently since I’ve arrived.


The guy hasn’t done anything wrong, I just seem to clash with him. It’s been harder to live with these quotes in my heart. It’s one thing to say, but I’ve been struggling to maintain it as a mindset.


Some of the main quotes this week have been:
Find Joy in Every Moment

Perceive Every Feeling Positively

Tomorrow’s Destiny is nothing more than the Outcome of Today’s Actions.


Within whatever confusion, you can remain like the eye of the hurricane; at peace and in control, while the whizzing and whirling of the things in front of you have no power to affect you.


There’s a book in the University library called The Tao of Physics, which appears to be similar to The Field which I read last year. Thought I might get it out as a … relaxing book. =P


I’ve been repeatedly going to a single blog this week:


“Our society doesn’t help people change, it typically either forces people with peer pressure, medication and pre package entertainment to become happy little zombies or it kicks them out: as one friend of mine said to being disposable, pushing them to the edge and outside of society.”   ~ http://www.personaltao.blogspot.com/


If I ever had one of those I love this Blog award things, this would be one I’d give it to. It just explains everything from a calm and spiritual mind (or so it would seem) and yet it’s not jargon – it makes sense to a teenager in another country and culture. It’s been saving my sanity this week. Just being able to sit back and just.. be.


Oh, and Buddhist Meditation starts next Monday, 6pm and the first week’s topic is called Developing Curiosity. I’ll let you know how I find it.


Stars Above,

Celestial Rose.






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